It's like it gets worse from here..

  • Have you EVER been in a predicament whereas you feel powerless, and hopeless, in a never-ending nightmare? Have you ever felt like you can't express yourself anymore, and at this point, give up having own beliefs and interest, and just say or do things because people want to hear it or see it? Have you ever felt like you don't care what happens anymore, you can drop dead any minute and not fear it? Resorting to a 100 bad habits, to maybe get a thrill, whereas it fucks you up even more?


    I have. I certainly have before, and I certainly am now. Hiding this stress and pain under your skin before you unleash in ways you didn't think you would ever resort to. Not just self inflicted pain, and never seeing an optimistic point of view, but to feel silenced, to feel as if you're not allowed to have emotions or opinions or your own interest for that matter. You always see yourself lacking time, and brushing your own things that bring you happiness to the side. It's a very sad reality, people out here are in my shoes, and even worse. It can really impact someone's stability mentally. 


    I encourage you, if you're in these shoes, to start taking out the toxic portions of your life. I encourage you, to do what makes you happy. You don't need other people's input to shiftshape you into who you WANT to be. You may cater to those who seem to hurt you the most because you feel powerless and out of control.. I encourage you to fight through this, and come back strong. I encourage you to make the changes you want to make. You shouldn't fear someone's feedback or reaction. Be true to yourself, and simply treat yourself. Chances are, if you're in these shoes, it could be about a friend, a group of friends, a workplace, a supposed love one, it could even be family. I encourage you to cut these ties, if you feel this way. I encourage you to focus on your happiness, and not others. They will get over it, and if they don't, then you know to cut ties with them all together.


    Much love,

    Scarecrow's Silhouette