some old songs i was working on :)

  • The Dependence of a Falsifier

    Voice bank idea for the song: Kiyoteru

    I don’t see the problem here

    I speak honestly of course

    Enough already, the story’s clear

    Are you stupid? Am I speaking Norse?


    You don’t need all those other people fogging up your view

    I’m the only person you’ll need to listen too

    Would I ever fib to you?

    Would I ever lie to you?


    They’re all a bunch of liars

    Stirring up rumours

    Don’t listen to whatever they say 

    Stay by side, hide from their lies

    They’ll only lead you astray


    I’m the most honest guy you’ll ever meet

    They’ll tell you otherwise though

    I’ll keep all your secrets discreet

    I’ll keep you safe, you know?






    Don’t leave me all alone

    They’ll hurt me worse

    Don’t leave me alone

    I need you

    I need your validation

    Otherwise I’m useless

    I’ll hurt you until you give it

    I’m dependent on your validation

    Listen to my stories please

    (They’ll only lead you astray)

    I’ll hurt you until you give it

    Give it

    Give it

    Everything you say is an utter lie

    Why would I hurt you?

    I’m an honest guy


    Sympathize with me, give me your validation

    I depend on your niceness

    I need that for power


    You’re just another trophy 

    To my collection of broken minds


    You’re Mine




    Voice bank idea: Yukari

    People wear me down

    They nit pick at my every flaw

    yet what do they gain from their negativity?

    they tell me I can't accomplish the impossible

    I say they're wrong

    How can I possibly teach myself to soar above them

    When their words weigh me down so?

    They bind me with ropes

    And my mind's with chains

    They say to let go of my dreams.

    Leave me alone, I beg

    They laugh at my persistence

    Why can't they just let me be?

    Style your hair with gel in the morning

    Dress more stylish

    Don't wear the attire of you

    What right do they have to tell me who to be?

    They hound me so

    Telling me to quit

    They tear at the seams in my mind

    My ideas are lost.

    They laugh at me

    Watered down and washed up

    They broke me in two.

    I have sunk to their level

    No better than them

    Yet no worse.

    They tell others they can't accomplish the impossible.

    I know they're wrong.

    Yet how can I possibly navigate others to soar above us

    When their words weigh them down so?



    Sadistic Victim

    Voice bank idea: Macne Nana

    I’m all torn down

    Cuts framing my brows

    Ligaments are torn

    Yet I’ll still come for more


    Bones are fractured beyond repair

    Blood is seeping through my hair

    My teeth are missing from my gums

    But I just don’t know how to run


    I’ll keep on fighting you

    I know it’s not the wisest thing to do

    But I will never let you become the victor

    So I keep coming back for more


    I just want you to feel yourself

    The effects of your hell

    Your actions scar more than me

    I want you to be pinned down and watch you bleed




    Voice bank idea: flower

    I need coverage for my heart aching wounds

    Strangle my emotions down to silence

    No tears allowed to fall down my cheeks 

    Bandage my eyes so they soak inward


    Numb, numb, don’t show emotions

    Feelings make you their target

    Close out your wailing heart

    Cover it with hard wax


    Others may slice your limbs off

    Cover your pain with bandages

    Mask yourself with a hard shell

    Void to the others harsh words


    I need bandages 


    Strangle me with bandages

    Take the aching life out of dead weight body