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  • I've made discoveries.  Wild discoveries of haunted, creepy places.  Places no one would've ever thought were actually haunted.  Twisted up spirits that are the friend.  Many notes from doctors and people that live in or around these freaked up places.

    I, myself, used to live in one.  Lived in few.  I don't share these stories.  Not the full truths of them.  To me, my story is over and doesn't need to be local to many.   In my past, I've dealt with crazy things, from a doll to a Ouija board that moves on its own along with the doll if ever touched.   Most inspired me to research more. I've found documents and stories.  Different exorcises that have happened in my old homes. People who just end up dead mysteriously.  Well, some of them.  I have found evidence of some, a family, of how they died, but that isn't to be shared, now is it?

    Years of going on my research,  I have found many many places that suffer terribly.  Stories from Silvia Likens to more details of The Conjuring Home.  More and more mysteries are being found.  Spirits that are left angry.  Either wanting revenge or are naturally born evil.    The one's I've researched I haven't seen myself.  Shameful I know.  I've seen many videos, on the other hand.  Videos people, mainly teens, captured of these spirits roaming around.  Sometimes, in the videos, they would be standing still looking at something in particular.  Sometimes, they'll be found looking at them. 

    In the beginning of these videos, I didn't believe them.  I was known to photo shop and camera edits.  I knew how they were done and how a person can screw up the times.  These videos meant nothing to me; the videos weren't evidence.  Until, just seeing others vlogs.  Takes a long look at backgrounds of the videos, and sure enough, anyone could find something.  Sometimes, people are also just taking pictures.  A camera's flash can be rather powerful.  You may or may not see anything.  Some pictures, yes, others, can't say. 

    I know this is all scattered.  It probably doesn't make sense.  I'm sorry.  However, this is much I can share right now.  It'll all make more sense when I start sharing more of what is happening to me right now.  Nothing in this one can explain anything that is happening.  Right now I must go. 

    I explained enough of what I do, but I have to leave before I can finish.  More will be explained I promise.  Either tonight or tomorrow.