Warning Harsh Words about the virus. Not intended for racism!

  • Warning this will contain harsh thoughts about the virus sense so many people are asking me. I would've not posted anything unless humans kept on spamming me over and over. These thoughts might seem like racism but I paw promise this has nothing to do with racism. But once China placed a blame on America well here you go. I subject myself already to get myself banned or this blogged removed. However BLOGS should BE A FREEDOM OF SPEECH. UNLESS you're advising your premium nudes on Snapchat or that other place something for only and fans I've no idea lmao but I know there is a place after hearing someone getting banned from the sister site Goth Wire. Again I accept full 100 percent after this post. I've red the rules of Blogs.

    So people probably want my honest ideals on this Pandemic. I think that's funny that China wants to put a blame on America when China is being sick freaks. Importing endangered animals from other countries that what I heard from a rumor that the animal that was shipped from had almost matching DNA from the virus.

    Like yeah okay. Also the Chinese are sick freaks on how them people eat cat and dog meat and I hope China makes meat illegal in the country. Also who the heck eats cats? Dogs? Bat soup? Like you guys are insane freaks.

    Also apparently from rumors from other people and websites the virus came from a bio lab in Wuhan China and also apparently the Chinese KNEW about this DISEASE BUT KEPT THE DISEASE A SECRET for a FEW YEARS UNTIL A MASSIVE OUTBREAK happened recently. So all this time CHINA KNEW THE VIRUS EXISTED. I wouldn't be surprised if China is also keeping more diseases hidden underneath their country from public. However I assume China is doing old fashion work like in the old days when you wanted to kill off a country just send some diseases or some plague even if that hurts your own country at least you're satisfied that you killed off thousands of people in other countries BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE NOTHING BUT SADISTIC FREAKS and also BAT SOUP? HOW DISGUSTING I ALMOST VOMITED WHEN I SAW A WOMAN EATING BAT SOUP.

    That's a domino warfare strategic way to do something. Keep a secret until something starts to come out of a outbreak of your demise and sick thoughts. Even if your country is massively harmed with sickness and a economy crisis at least you made a massive worldwide effecting every country but Antarctica. Perhaps China this is your goal all along to wipe people out. Sadistic strategy. Sense I'm mild final paws sadistic. If I was a country ruler and I couldn't win a war THIS MIGHT be something I would do as a last resort. But not a disease from eating like weird freaks and transporting poor animals. I don't know if I would be sadistic enough to ship off just a person if a person had a unknown virus not formed by a animal. But fear not I would never inject someone bio like but I might in the olden days of my spiritual life before I became a spiritual mother of four charming and wonderful princes.

    I WILL SAY THOUGH THIS COULD BE MY IDEALISM OR ONE OF MY SPIRIT GUIDES HAS A THING FOR OLD FASHION Modern Warfare but if I would've to kill a thousand people I would love to do by bio plants or trees or poisonous berries. However I've final paws ideas for weapon such as twin blades with a secret compartment for poison or acid and also test tubs to smash at someone as a last resort with acid or poison. However if I had to send a infected person overseas I would hope the disease is made from other diseases and not animal related.

    Delicate and fragile and sensitive but I've thorns like a flower with my beasty self so my charming and cute and adorable princes say heh that's my charming wonderful cute and adorable princes though. Heh makes me giggle and smile.

    All I know is Chinese are sick bastards towards eating and also selling people's artwork online such as AliExpress and Wish. Like two days ago I found stolen artwork from Wish from someone on RedBubble and you know how sadistic Wish is? YOU CAN'T REPORT THEM FOR STOLEN ARTWORK. I know other countries have stolen Artwork from famous painters and artist and stuff but w/e China is mostly. 

    Also there is a vaccine being developed you can find tons of information online. Even Japan is having positive effects from a old flu vaccine. However doesn't work so well on severely ill humans that have been infected with the virus. So more work needs to be done before the vaccine can go out to public. As far as I know I will not say what town I'm from but I will say I'm a hour or so from Houston and Houston has been tested positive for 30 people. I'm not sure for some fast food places or if this ban applies for us but most fast food is drive through and take out only. I'm not sure about restaurants. 

    However what makes me mad is what of the elderly people? No rules to let them buy groceries first? Someone at HEB had the nerve to tell someone that got mad because she couldn't buy over two soaps and tiolet paper because HEB didn't update their new rule policy LMAO. However someone I know could be a family member but I don't like to disclose a lot of private information told me about this. Anyways I got told this young cashier told this lady that was not elderly that if I don't see you can go get more toilet paper or soap just long as I don't see you A.K.A. MEANING BRING IN ANOTHER FAMILY MEMBER or someone else and come back and purchase more items. I don't know about other stores but I do know H-E-B has made a rule only two soaps and toilet paper what's funny is that person told me all the soaps were sold out instead of mango scented but the soap was colored read to could be more of a paranoid then everyone hates mango scented. But man that's messed up for that cashier to even say that. APPARENTLY to this person that told me that stuff EVERYONE in line could hear her what she was saying.

    P.S:. I did get a email from Target that now their new rule is Wednesday is a day where elderly people get to go first but that's only for the first hour which to me is nice enough that the elderly are starting to have some rules but the first hour makes no sense you mean when Target first paws open? Okay then.

    Speaking of shopping what about myself? I'm not going insane than I already am and buy two months or three months of groceries. Because I don't want to have to go out in the garage every singling darn time I want to go get a frozen dinner. Because yes frozen food besides ramen is a big part of my diet besides pasta and oatmeal LMAO. Anyways not happening I go out when I've a ride for the week and I get a 7 day supply list of groceries. I try limiting myself to 3 stores if I've to because yes SOME STORES off brand of Sparkling Water taste better than others, I'm willing to go to another store even if that's just for something that taste better than the off brand product. Like Dollar General Blood Orange sparkling water is amazing. Kroger's taste awful but their Blueberry Pomegranate water taste amazing. Walgreens has the best off brand frozen cheeseburgers. Dollar Tree food is disgusting for hamburgers but sense there is a creep that works there now trying to hit me up to meet her alone at a park or her apartment I said nope! I also don't feel like going on the other side of town just for the other Dollar Tree because I'm trying to avoid a RED FLAG and a FREAK that's trying to get me to meet her in different spots after telling her no. Anyways speaking of that ban according to my town I'm not sure about other places in my town. But fast food put a ban on dining in. You can however order through the drive though. Same applies for restaurants. Take out only.

    All I gotta say is CHINA YOU GUYS ARE SICK FREAKS. Call me racist banned my account or IP address I no longer care. BECAUSE THIS IS MY LAST AND FINAL ACCOUNT ANYWAYS. If a MOD or ADMIN sees this you can delete my old accounts Fuzzy and FrozenBall and the last one Malpirgi.

    Again. If another pandemic happens you will have my same view and thought so don't ask I don't care about this virus and people asking me oh wait I do because here I am ranting and raving LMAO. Again please note I had no or zero intent of making this 100 percent racism.