Tea that helps the immunity and other things

  • Tea is very healthy for you but I will worn others to watchful of detox tea most detox tea has licorice root this effects hormonal pills. However I did find some teas that are good for a good immunity.

    Dandelion Root Tea

    Peppermint Tea

    Lemongrass Tea

    White Tea this is a tea I've not heard of besides I know Green Tea also helps  with immunity and Black Tea.

    Ginger Tea I don't recommend this to women this stimulates the uterus or something I read that educes . to make them pass quicker 

    Elderflower or Elderberry I've tried this tea when I used to go to the organic stores this tea taste very earthy

    Hibiscus Tea 


    Now before you jump on the bandwagon I've not gotten sick from a cold or allergies when taking Vitamin C gummies for immunity. However no vitamin really works and doesn't cure only diseases. However doesn't hurt to final paws boost your immune system. Most vitamins take about  a month or two to fully absorb in your system. I've read some reviews that people say this vitamin didn't work and I only was taking the vitamin for a week LMAO. No supplement is going to absorb in your body within a week. Elderberry is even better and that is also in gummy form. Anyways I know there is D3 gummy vitamins but the one I'm taking says immunity health bone and heart health.

    AGAIN this is to be helpful this will not treat the virus only to help boost up immunity is what I'm doing.