Our Momma's Vessel Birthday Sunday and more for our momma!!!

  • Wish Our Momma a Happy Birthday!!!! 

    Contacts will be left on the account mister!!!!

    Heh my spirit sons are telling you what's up. For people that follow me on Instagram I will be posting what I'll be doing for my birthday in this vessel and lifetime. Looks like I'm going to have to eat my food from a restaurant to go and not sit down. Oh well.

    As long as I'm around a certain family member which there is only one I really care about and someone like a big brother then that's all I care about. Also I'm craving Mexican food and Wine for my birthday. Well probably a light ale or something light and airy.

    P.S.: This is just a 100 percent clear percent of my Autobio that I messed up badly on Goth Wire before I want to leave 100 percent for the final chapter I will finally paws close. I will not sign up again if I find another mistake or spelling mistake or a word that's not even correct that I used for auto correct thinking that was the correct word and NOPE LMAO. I also had a few more things that I wanted to add sense I saw a lot of final paws gaps or somethings I didn't make clear at all.

    Currently wishing to collect video game figures or offical plushies if I had a shelf to store stuff and things not go on the floor LMAO I will say though for Pokemon Center the quality is there. I'm not sure about Anime plushies as the one I want is $38-40 dollars from Servamp and Kuro. I've a weird thing for collecting phone cases which often get lost or often scattered like my mixed match socks around the fort LMAO I still buy a phone case every two months LMAO. Anyways I know that my phone case looks like a BL which you know Sebastian and Ciel get well w/e you know anyways I've seen a BL anime and I do enjoy BL anime so whatever I guess it's better than unrealistic harems or unrealistic gigantic ___ on the screen just for fan service at least BL has substance. Also very childish and likes to collect mystery blind bags that are for girls or for boys but then again there isn't really anything wrong with age and collecting things you like and I'm talking about like them Pikmi Pops and Li'l Woodzeez yeah I know 27 years old in the vessel shell and my ancient midnight wolf bones still collects those. However I know that's shocking after reading my profile I've a certain thing for cute and adorable and sparkly and glittery items right? I know quite shocking indeed like the wisp of my midnight fur hehe. Also wish to collect Pokemon cards again and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards again. I would really love to get a binder ring and get them in a card sleeve that has holes in them and put the binder ring on a shelf and hang them up like a display and not kept closed in a binder. Retail therapy is extremely relaxing even though I'm more addicted to buying stuff online LMAO.

    Will be pretty rad to have my friends pick out a game that I can play next on my next console at this time all I've out is a PS4 my son's Xbox 360 he doesn't play a PS1 and PS2 a DS lite and a 2DS. My 3DS and and Gameboy SP is in storage however will need a new Gameboy Color because my kiwi one is broke. Something is wrong with the springs and new batteries will not make the system turn on at all etc. However I'm not sure what Gameboy Color I want perhaps a tealish green or berry color or a ice blue color. Not much on the dandelion color or wanting another lime color etc.

    If you're a artist and can draw and are needing new ideas I've a few. However on that final paws note I can't draw if my life depended on such I draw like a 5 year old would aka stick figures and very poorly drawn images LMAO. Hence why I'm asking if anyone is a artist I can show you my ideas that I already have + I would love to support artist that love to draw after all drawing art is a form of speaking from the spirits and the soul onto a painting paws after all for that final matter.

    P.S. crafty guys isn't girly in my wolven paws book or magi book because homemade gifts are the final paws best.

    Video game music or anime video game sound tracks and hardly ever do I listen to Metal music anymore and don't final paws ask me why I don't. However I will say with my massive amount of depression that I've I find myself lacking in enjoyment of things I used to really love and all that paws fancy stuff.

    I'm also a spiritual silky wolf momma and I've six spirit sons and now taking care of my spirit fox friend's son his fox son Ethan and his baby brother Rascle and he's living with my sons in my fort because of personal reasons. My sons names are Theo and Willen. My twins Jackson and Greshimil or Greshimil of the Greshy. Xie. Kyang and Xie was lab made because he was premature so we had to do some medic things in spiritual form that you can't do in real and also Kyang was tube made as well a hybrid lion and wolf baby. I also have my berries removed in the spirits and I wish that could be the same for me in real as well. I know I've two husbands and 3 mates in spirits perhaps is strange but in the real world I would like to have my only boyfriend that I've now. I don't know how to express I just feel weird in the real world having that many partners in the real world compared to the spirit world. Because the spirit world feels natural and my first home anyways. Also long distance doesn't bother us and we've not met yet but little things can remind you of your significant other. Anyways what I silky paws mean on that note is like matching the same shirt or using the same shampoo and body wash and stuff like that for that silky paws matter. However on that note we do those things as a couple together and we really like doing that together. Because now I will close this because I'm clogging my profile even more worse than I already am right now but I wanted to say I'm finally comfortable saying these things because I no longer care what people think of me anymore for that silky paws final note matter.

    Rules on dating our momma! - Theo and Willen and the twins here Greshimil of the Greshy and Jackson is now showing!

    - You must give our momma updates about what you see about us rather that be our cute pajamas we've on for the day or how our fur looks or how cute and adorable and charming we're together while playing blocks or with our toys or coloring or better yet how our ears look and our tuff of raven black hairs and copper hairs and don't forget our birthday is January 18th and August 9th and February 27th and none of us are a year old yet we young wolf pups! Typing away with our momma's blue black adult wolf momma paws! <--- this is optional but a ultra must!!!! I would like for someone to be okay talking this way with our momma we understand though not everyone is able to comprehend spiritual stuff or beings or what our momma wants etc.

    - You must love our momma not because she's a pretty wolf momma but we won't allow anyone to date our momma for physical attraction we will be young angry wolf pups very angry and shake our fur around and flick our furs back! Don't know you know meanies that constant flirting gets on our momma's nerves? She doesn't care at all!

    - Understand that just because we come from different dads doesn't mean our midnight wolf momma is bad and best of all we were made out of love and not made for gross nasty purposes and don't forget our momma doesn't see real realm and spiritual realm the same thing as really hence not believing in poly relationships and yei both of our dads live in the same fort together because we're happy shadowy and wispy and static pups that our twin brothers dad helped our momma give birth to us and he plays with us and he also helps our momma out when she needs help or help with the young wolf pups Mr Helioux isn't a bad spirit at all!

    - This would be a BONUS if you can give our pretty wolf momma gifts every once in awhile! Make our momma feel like a royal queen that she is! Anyways we don't mean expensive gifts like perhaps a t shirt online or a necklace or jewelry! Anyways this isn't why our wolf momma is finding another partner no that's not it and why we're angry young wolf pups all her last ex boyfriend of last year was very mean to her and them two couldn't have a normal conversation without biting each others heads off and we had enough!

    P.S.: My sons are final paws correct. This isn't a reason why I'm looking for a partner. I should also state that my Amazon wish list was final paws created that way my family members that do give me gives on holiday life can be easier for them. As well as I do get $20 a week for cleaning money that I use to buy stuff a.k.a. stuff added to my Amazon wish list so that way I don't have tons and tons of bookmarks on my browser.

    - Be nice to our momma we don't want another relationship were all momma did was argue and fight and fold her adult blue black wolf momma ears and hide in the furs

    - Be honest with our momma! Even though you might be scary scary and spooky and you feel this might make our momma sad that's okay! Better than making our midnight blue black momma hide and all that fancy stuff we don't want that to happen to our momma!

    - Understand that our midnight wolf momma has been through a lot so be kind to our momma and bare with her!

    - This would be bonus if our momma is awake and not sleeping in spirits please check up on us! This really does make our midnight blue black furs momma smile and happy AND THIS WOULD BE JACKPOT FOR US PUPS! HOWEVER sense spirituality isn't forced in our momma's relationship we understand now if you can't do this that we won't be ANGRY PUPS!

    P.S:. This is a new update as of March I made a clear choice that I respect my spirt sons dating wish list all them made for their mother and I agree 100 final paws percent of their discussion and I won't be changing my adult blue black wolf senors for my new future relationship. My next relationship will be with my spiritual sons rules as well applied if you've more of a curious question about a rule you can ask I'm sure as their mother and my spirit sons can help you on a rule if you need more clarification that's final paws fine. If that's not your cup of tea then that's your problem not mine.

    I don't read and I do spiritual communication writing and I've a few of those but understand this I don't copy peoples work and I find that highly insulting anyways and why would someone paws do that anyways?

    Respect is earned by me but that doesn't mean I'll go rip off someone's work and if you final paws still want to Google Search my spirits and my spiritual writing you're a idiot LMAO.

    P.S. If you're curious about these I can paws show you only if you're curious and you're not going to insult me or say oh look where you got this from or you got this idea from so and so. Someone told me in the past I ripped off some ideas from Hellboy and what the heck? I don't even know what that show is about or the comic LMAO.

    And a few people tried searching up my spirits and their name and my spiritual communication on Google and the people in the past was like oh I can't find anything well no crap LMAO.