• We are a Emo Rock Drummer and Lead Vocals band. Looking for 1 male and 1 female member In the New England Area. We have a FB Page, and an Instagram account. Guitarist or bassist NEEDED for either gender is fine. Age preference is 18-20 years of age (BAND MEMBER WISE). Satanism is what our band will sing about, Band's Colleen Dahmer and The Devil Sinz. Loving the fact that I created the Band in June 2019 with a Cousin who plays drums is fascinating. If any of you are interested, I'll PM You if you'd wish.

    Thank You,

    Colleen Dahmer


  • BbyGirlSyn
    BbyGirlSyn that is so awesome this band sounds so cool im a satanist myself im only 15 and i was apart of a band called hell bound souls i left because of some encounters with the lead guitarist i was the one writing the words and lead/ rhythm guitar parts and...  more
  • ColleenDahmer2002
    ColleenDahmer2002 It's ok if your 15, The age preference is NOT required. My REAL Name is Not Colleen Dahmer, That is my Band Name, The Real Name I have is Noah Boyd (@fullblownemohead on Instagram and My Facebook Profile Link is:...  more
    Mar 24 - Report