• I am Noah Boyd, The Creator and Lead Vocalist under the Main Leader of the Band, Brutus Van Nightmare, of the Nü Metal Virtual Band "BŖÜTE FØRCE". Animation Inspiration is Gorillaz and Studio Killers, and Music Inspiration is Marilyn Manson (The Era with Tim Skold, Madonna Wayne Gacy, John 5, Ginger Fish, and Marilyn Manson), and Halsey's Song Experiment On Me.

    I was hoping to Collaborate with My Friend, Bruno on this NEW Virtual band as a Character Designer, because he's Almost done with his NEW Comic. Now I know what you're Thinking: Why are you starting a Band, Because in my opinion, Studio Killers and Gorillaz Are the One of the Best Virtual bands out there, and I am Sorry to people who hate these bands, But Come on, These bands are not as Bad as you thought they will be.

    The Characters I came Up with are:

    Lead Vocalist and Leader of the Band, Brutus Van Nightmare (myself), A Black Male Wolf with Red Hair, Red Eyes, A Red Beard, Red Nails.

    Guitarist, Skull, A Gray Female Wolf with Purple Hair and Blue Eyes.

    Bassist, Lucifer, A White Male Wolf with Black Hair and Black Eyes.

    Keyboardist, Helsing, A Black and White Male Wolf with Blonde Hair and Yellow Eyes.

    and Finally Drummer, Vladislaus, A White Wolf with Blue Hair and Red Eyes.

    I am Looking for Band Members within my Genre, I will bring on an Artist who will Come up with Character Designs for The Virtual Band Members, so If anyone's Interested, Please let me know. 

    Thank You,