Just a rant

  • I had been searching for so long and I finally found you. But what does that mean to you? I feel like in such a short time we’ve lost it all. It’s scary to see things crumble and fall like they are. I can’t even express with words how much I love you and that scares me. You make me happy and that scares me too. Don’t get me wrong I love being with you but what’s happening to us is killing me. I cried to day. I cried yesterday. My friends hate you for all the wrong reasons. They think I’m crying because you hurt me, but to be honest I’m almost 100% sure that I’m the one who’s hurt myself. Not physically, but mentally. I’ve got so many issues and not enough reasons to fight. You’ve been my reason and don’t take it personal when I question us being us, I question every good thing that happens to me.