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Back in The Field

  • Dear Virus, 

    As a former athlete, softball never gets old. My father used to train me all on my own. We put all the effort and dedication when ever we play ball or catch. It didn't matter if its casual or for fun, the sport became our blood; soon to be only my blood...

    The college I'm stuck in doesn't have any a softball or baseball service yet only track, soccer and basketball. Something I am least good at, ended up being my best performance. The last time my father trained me was two years go in 2019. As years go by, you age. My father is old and is currently the middle of aging. He may be in his fifties, but signs of getting old became too obvious. He can no longer throw fast as he used to. The rotating cup and shoulder blade is in effect. I can no longer play catch with my father... (I miss playing ball with him.)

    My father was a baseball player, a former one. He successfully passed it down to me. Now I got no one to throw to or play catch with. All I got is an elementary school right next to my place and use it's back brick wall. It was always my spot to train even now all on my own. I practice seasonal, train at the gym for my arms and agility for speed: running the bases.

    Incase you wonder if I can play catch with my mother, it ain't worth it. No matter every shot I give her she's afraid of my "fast throws." XD

    I went very very easy on her and based on my normal average throws, they're consider fast balls to her.

    Lately I've been too used with this cycle. and it's tiring since this pandemic. Do not mistaken my word of being tired with this sport. I'm saying it got boring doing it alone. 

    As a former pitcher, lefty batter who had experienced playing in all positions in the field, the game is telling me to get back in the field. I'll still train on my own... I just wish to find a trainer to fix my skills. ^^

    The truth is, I have a habit of being too hard and critical on myself when it comes to my skill I focus on. I even apply on being perfectionist on every wind-up throw and pitches to aim at strike zone. The key was to always aim at the box; that's my target. 

    Here I come! My season returns.