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In This Room

  • In this room
    Black and white, thats all I see
    I assume the white means day
    Meaning the black would be night
    Whether its black or white
    My fate does not change
    Though I tend to sleep better in the white
    Sleep is still rare
    Its my only escape from this room
    Maybe I just don't just don't deserve the escape
    In this room
    Four walls, closing in on me
    I'm trapped within these walls
    I pace back and forth between them
    Each day the distance feels shorter
    In this room
    The water leaks, slowly draining me
    What started as a drop turned to a puddle
    That puddle is now as deep as my waist
    In this room
    There is a mirror
    One that reflects my pain back on me
    It doesn't let me forget the past
    And I have no future to look at
    In this room
    I wonder what will destroy me first
    Will it be the deserving exhaustion
    Or will it be the crushing walls
    Or will it be the drowning water
    Or will it be my own pain
    I wonder this with every passing black and white
    I've searched for my escape
    But there is none near
    In this room
    I am trapped
    In this room
    I shall remain
    In this room
    I will be destroyed