You there!

  • Yes I see you

    Let me guess, you're going through a hard time huh?

    Everything was alright but then suddenly your perfect world came crashing down, am I right? 

    You feel like nothing, you feel empty. Like a shell, beautiful on the outside, but so empty on the inside.

    Yes I see you there. Crying silently in your room because you don't want to alert anyone to your pain, for fear they wouldn't understand or they would make fun of you or tell you to grow up.

    Like those kids at school too right? They don't understand you because you're not like them so they hurt you, emotionally, physically, mentally? To hell with them.

    I see you also had a plan, a way out? Well let me tell you right now love, It doesn't work. It's not worth it. 

    I too had a plan once, a way out. Except I didn't have anyone to tell me to not do it, I didn't have anyone telling me about  my worth. I couldn't deal with the constant bullying at school, and the abuse at home when I was a kid. I couldn't deal with the fact all my "Friends" turned out to be the ones taking my secrets that I told them in confidence and using them against me in the form of rumours.

    So I did it. I jumped off the metaphorical edge. But then I woke up. My attempt failed. I was still alive. I'm not going to say what I did, but I did it. It was then that I realised how cruel people were. They had hurt me to the point where I believed that taking my own life would solve the problem, but it doesn't, it won't. The only way to solve a problem is to go at it full force and confront it right?

    So I did, the next day I went to school and there they were. Laughing at me again, making rude remarks. But instead of just ignoring it with my naturally sad face, I instead decided to walk by them with a smile, with my headphones blaring my favourite music, I eyed them and looked away smiling. And it was at that moment I realised that once they saw my confidence in myself, they had no power over me. 

    You love, you can do that too. I don't want you to have to figure that out the same way I did. They say to know your worth, but do you know yours? No? Well I do. You are worth more than any diamond.You are rarer than any golden tiger. There will NEVER be another you. There can only be YOU. I know you are going through a tough time but believe me when I say, I am here for you. Dolly is here for you whenever you need me okay? Never forget that. Never forget how much you are loved. 

    So my dear, yes I do see you. I see your pain. But i'm telling you to use that pain to do something great. I use my pain to make quotes and poems. I use it for my drawing, for my painting. I use it when writing my music. There are no limitations to what great you can do when you come from a point of pain.

    Much love, and here for a chat whenever you need dear reader. I've been through alot and with that experience comes knowledge. So I am here if you need advice or someone to talk to. Someone to rant to or even someone that you just send "Hey, I'm having a good day, and I did something that made it good, can I show you?" to, and the answer is yes you can.


    Dolly Darknss <3