Guys and I'm done talking with people

  • I'm really done talking too guys and why I will no longer be part of any social website and here are my reasons

    1. A guy you talk to out of social media says he is interested in you but come to find out you find sexual images and flirting with other women on his page.

    2. A guy wants honesty and loyalty but how are you going to find that when you're the one lying in the first place. I'm not throwing guys underneath the bus because I know women have done this before but how can you get honesty and loyalty when you click on updates by the person you're talking to and all you see is hot girls on his feed and sexual memes how can you trust that?

    3. I've decided that sense this has happened more than once in a given month I'm saying a permanent farewell on social media websites online. I wanted to give a try one more time but I can't seem to forgive after what the man I posted on my homepage said. He said ''we will see if we fall in love' and I go to click on his profile tonight behold what I found out sexy and hot women on his page and sexual memes. I had enough. I can't deal with stuff like this anymore.

    People wonder why I've trust issues. Why I'm paranoid. Why I can't love. Perhaps if you look at my situation perhaps you would understand. I know guys are wanting girls with huge tits and butts and thick but do guys ever think what's going on in the women's thoughts? Do you really think some bigger women like their figure? Do you know some women skinny or thick or any shape struggle with body issues? Do you know some women force themselves to eat everyday so that way their body just don't collapse on the floor? I think guys should understand that yeah you've a preference or a fake reality T.V. star but you know you can't have everything in live. There is no such thing as 100 percent relationship or friendship or best friends forever. You never know life can be taken for granted. Things happen. I know my face will never heal because I need a dermatologist. I didn't stop taking care of myself because I didn't want to to or didn't care. My depression destroyed me and so did bullying and all the lies and hurtful things that have happened and have been taken away from me in life. Depression is a serious disease. Disease can destroy anything around you even your hygiene and your physical appearance. Bullying is also serious there is certain things that spike depression so far up the brain you're just fucked. You give up. Even if you've a child or a lover or anything like that you just don't see a point in motivation your brain doesn't understand or doesn't see the reason behind caring for yourself and just forcing yourself to live. I'm really did try but I'm done typing now and sorry for everything.

    If anyone feels sorry for me I'm blasting my Kik just in case for people remember me. I do need someone to talk to. Someone that can help me cope with my mind. I'm really out of myself and going insane. Perhaps I should stop talking to people in general. I can't handle this