Video gaming and anime and other things I like

  • Game systems I want to collect some are uncertain what color I like better

    Watermelon red Nintendo 64. Grape. Smoke. Ice Blue. Not a huge fan of the Jungle Green perhaps if the green is was more lime color then maybe. I've mixed feelings about the Fire Orange one I just like the Watermelon red color a tad more than the Fire Orange one. Sadly can't get one from Japan unless I mod the slot piece thing.
    Hello Kitty GBC Pocket and a Ice Blue are my top favorite. Besides those I'm looking for the Pokemon edition ones and the berry color. I'm a huge sucker for clear colored consoles as well! Also good news the ones I'm listing are mostly from Japan sellers and GBC and GBA and GBA SP are region free.
    Midnight Blue GBA an GBC. Clear pink. Hello Kitty. Black and not sure how I feel about the orange one there is a Celebi Green color but I don't really like that shade of green for some reason. I like lime green. Olive green and moss green and that's about it. Majora's Mask or Pikachu version the most. Secondary would be the lime color and the pearl pink color.
    Hello Kitty Sega Dreamcast.
    DS handheld consoles pink and ice blue I think a few of these are region locked I would've too Google that LOL.
    Sky Blue Wii.
    Coral Lite Switch not only because of being cheap and knowing how sky high Animal Crossing Limited Switch Console is extremely expensive going over $500-600 + on Ebay and I prefer handheld more and not only that reddish pink is one of my other colors that I like!! I hope I can find some coral pink faux leather jacket one day well that has nothing to do with video games whoops lmao.
    Ps3 Lighting Console. This is not region free and I looked on Reddit and I saw that someone had one and worked fine in U.S. and played U.S. games and there is two different styles but I don't know what I like best anyways.
    If you want to see what else I like you can look at my Amazon Wish List if you would like and ask me for the link. Note too self of everyone. This is just for family and me buying stuff with my own money. 
    Believe this or not I'm not a huge fan of Final Fantasy. I'm more of a Pokemon or Zelda creature. I also like games like Dark Cloud which is my favorite PS2 game. My favorite FF game is 13-2 or Zodiac Age or 10 or 8. However don't qoute me on this but I've not played 6 and the other ones. I frankly remember paying number one and two for the PS1 and a very old school GBC but I've no idea which that is. I know everyone might want to take me out at this point but I'm not impressed with 7. However I know people will hate me when I say this but Final Fantasy XIII-2 has the best soundtrack of FF history that I know of besides FF 10 but perhaps XIII-2  has groovy tracks that are atmospheric and techno like and no I don't listen to REAL techno beats I just like what XIII-2 is serving. Pokemon Black and White are emotion games and extremely evil on the villain team and I don't want to spoil the game ultra much but when I saw N's room I wanted to cry inside and curl up and drink LMAO. I also love Water and Ice types and Fairy Types but I would've to go with Ghost or Poison type besides Dark and Psychic if I had to pick one of those. I guess that's not surprising? But I really don't know at this final point however LMAO. What is my favorite Pokemon? I would just ask instead of flooding my profile lmao. Favorite Zelda game? Majora's Mask and the OTS is amazing and so is the Skyward Sword soundtrack. I don't own the game. I do listen to OST soundtracks when I don't even own the game but I don't find that a spoiler at all. 
    What video games do I wish to collect?

    I will only list a few sense I won't flood the whole text box. Every FF game and Zelda game and Pokemon game known in the U.S.A. + the Yu-Gi-Oh! Games as well and Mario and Yoshi. Mystic Quest oh this game brings me back to memory lane. Crystalis for the GBC Castlevania. Some old school DK.  Some Sonic games that are old school. I'm not a huge fan of Star Fox but I do like Wolf. I'm also not into Meteoroid or Spyro. Lost Kingdoms One and Two for the GameCube but man I miss those games. Baten Kaitos Origins apparently I played Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings and Lost Oceans backwards whoops that happens though! Ha unless that's wrong which from what I read the BE is first than BKO which I'm confused but what's new LMAO! Anyways that does happen like Tales of Berseria some people think that playing Tales of Zestria doesn't matter which order um no that's not the case you would probably understand the story better if you played Tales of Berseria  first than Tales of Zestria. I still need to play Tales of Vasperia on Xbox 360 and HD version on the PS4 to see the difference. Alright I rambled on to much about games. There is OTHER games that I've not listed that I wanted to play but you should just ask instead of what those are and I can give you a list! 

    + I do have BKE for the Gamecube and I found a DMC game one for the PS2 and I don't ever remember getting a LOTR game for the PS2 ever. I know I've a old Golden Sun in my ugly white DS yes I said ugly the polar white DS is more like mute dull white and here I was thinking that the color would be pure white like a polar bear's fur LMAO. However I've played Lunar Legend before and Breath of Fire as well. I also hate Star Ocean as well couldn't get into the game and you couldn't romance men which is silly.

    + I did also notice that I didn't make who my favorite Pokemon creatures are! Whoops! I'll make that on my list as well so if you want to see who my favorite Pokemon creatures are ask + I'll be making a list quite soon just now for Pokemon perhaps when I wake up and the time isn't almost 6 a.m. LMAO
    Do I collect video game merch and anime merch?

    I'm a big fan of Pokemon Center! But I really want to collect the .Hack Bandai figures first and other .Hack items and this also includes my favorite series and also .Hack//G.U. Last Recode! I also would love to collect if there were Chrono Cross for Chrono Trigger collectibles as well. Last but not least vitange Pokemon stuff or Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff and perhaps Digimon I'm not sure and I've not played Digimon but I do like some creatures etc. Also Tales of  Tales of Berseria sense that's my favorite Tales series but that could change once I play Tales of Vesperia sense I'm highly interested and I'm zero interested in the new Tales coming out this year what a massive rip off of Guilty Crown. Oh a sword coming out of the female's chest how ''CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL'' anyways I like to collect anime can badges or postcards the most if not plushies and keychains are secondary favorite and third favorite are like blankets or glassware or figures or shirts so you can say third favorite would be household items and apparel LMAO.  
    I'm not into games with homophobic fear of losing fandom or games that are over $e9ualized or romance games. Also I know this might get some hate but I never gotten into the Metroid games any or into space themed games. I know Star Fox might be a what you serious right? Tell me you're joking? No not really I'm not. I remember playing the GameCube version and falling asleep. But Wolf is really cool though. I'm an extremely a wuss when things are into horror games. But I've heard of games like RE of course which is obvious but what is all this hype with zombie games? Boring! Although four was rad. Fatal Frame. Clock Tower. Dino Crisis. Bioshock was really cool though! I know I could list more horror games but that would give us more room for conversation right?

    Funniest thing about video gaming history. I don't understand Fire Emblem when I first saw Fire Emblem E3 Video I felt like I was in a 15 minute geography lesson speech and political lesson speech and not only that I was so bored and confused and then there was 5 minute of video gameplay. I lost interest. Also what is this making babies too make armies perhaps that's the old games I don't know this game really blew my mind I didn't understand any of what was being told too me? I don't understand the logic of this game I was very confused and I looked at the houses and there is so many of them I can't even remember that $hit. But I'm very good at Corrin from Super Smash Bros Ultimate and his deadly dragon wing uppercut attack also the charge bite attack. I really want to be good at one of the Castlevania peeps. I'm semi good. I wish there was a random select option online!

    Pokemon you ask? Which type and which gen? Why don't you ask? I think that would be fun too guess my favorite types of Pokemon based on my personality which can be more than three also let's discuss a Pokemon and talk about that Pokemon as a like or a hate.

    P.S. this is a free streaming anime site so you would need some kind of blocker to block ads etc.

    Anime that I've not seen

    P.S. I've spared the gay anime and no not Yaoi but Shounen Ai which is a milder version of Yaoi so yei I do know my difference.

    Laughing Under The Clouds

    Kekkai Sensen

    Hellsing Ultimate and I know right? Quite funny I've not seen this anime yet at all.

    Sirius the Jaeger and I only seen a few episodes but this vampire anime was pretty bad and I forgotten most of the anime perhaps I should final paws try out this anime again.

    Steins;Gate another popular anime I've not seen I know I'm terrible.


    Noragami and same goes for this one LMAO.

    Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin


    Listing sports anime now


    Kuroko's Basketball and only got to episode 14 of this anime and I don't know how I'm going to get through three seasons of this when this anime was so down right boring LMAO.

    Free! and I've no idea why the producers didn't make this into a Yaoi and so many people are editing the photos in a very sexual manner and editing all the characters and gifs LMAO. Because really all this sport anime is about with their characters that there is a bunch of all hot anime men to show off and one female coach and the silky wolf momma is like really? LMAO. Oh well man the producers lost lol.

    Try Knights

    Okay back on others now

    Owari no Seraph another popular anime I've not seen and a little tad hesitant about this one because over popular anime shows seems to be extremely awful like Sword Art Online and My Hero whatever you call that lmao and those two anime made Black Butler go into the dumpster and no longer popular LMAO.


    Kono Oto Tomare!- Music

    IDOLiSH 7 - and this is a music anime

    Cuticle Detective Inaba - and I don't know the title seems weird XD

    Un-Go - (I think this anime was once popular but I've never seen this only heard lmao)

    Dream Festival! - and this has both seasons and that one is Dream Festival R! Season two anyways this is a music anime lmao

    Starmyu - 3 seasons of this anime and this is a music anime

    Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! - this is a male version of Sailor Moon XD

    Phi Brain: Puzzle of God

    The King's Avatar

    Bakumatsu - makes me curious to see why this anime is rated that bad on MAL lmao




    No longer playing playing Skyrim on the Xbox 360 that my son never plays and even asked for a Xbox 360 for his birthday and never played the system in over a year LOL. Anyways what video game and I'm playing? Well isn't that obvious from my username? Or maybe not? LMAO. Also I'm a cheap video game buyer I will not pay $60 for a video game brand new I will only spend $20-30 on a video game. So I often just wait for a few months or a year or two for a price drop. LMAO. Terrible I know.

    And also if you want to recommend me games you can and all but know this I'm a extremely cheap gamer and I will not spend more than $25 on a video game LMAO.

    P.S. FF 15 is worse than 13. I'm highly ultra final paws disappointed that FF 15 decided to mess up the DLC like why? MY biggest issues with video games is DON'T CHANGE THE ENDING BY A DLC and LEAVE THE VIDEO GAME ALONE!!!! I don't get why video game companies have to make a happy ending for ultra popular games like why? I don't understand that logic at all. Anyways back on topic there is nothing wrong with FF 13 because I understood the story wasn't rocket sceine to final paws figure that out. Also the Paradigm Shift isn't difficult once you final paws understand what the heck is going on before getting completely annihilated. However I do have to roast the final game and final paws all but really a timed video game? Nope XD you can gladly count me out because nope not playing that.

    P.S. about that DLC rant yei I'm very well not dumber than a box of rocks and understand that DLC downloadable content add ons are for fan service however the idea is still very stupid. If the ending is extremely sad then don't be spamming the producers GIVE ME A HAPPY ENDING DLC. Like really? Okay no comment. Also I think this has to do with me being very opnionated and stubborn midnight and abyss wolf skull making me a very angry video gamer the silky wolf momma and not only that if the video game isn't broke then don't fix it. Because let's face this fact I don't care if it's free or cost money for a dlc for a better ending I still feel very anti about this. There is no need for people to get their feelings hurt because of the original ending was extremely sad or depressing as I paws stated. Perhaps I also final paws thing that how low will you go to please your fans and final paws give what your fan base wants. Apparently alternate endings to satisfy antsy players lmao and I could also be ranting about to how women don't get enough video game merch pajamas that are joggers or covering their legs because most merch is always booty shorts or dolphin shorts and tank top and being half naked which I'm not about that life LMAO.

    P.S. I like to keep my silky wolf momma bones covered and warm at all times LOL. The only thing you will see in public is just my paws and my midnight and abyss wolf face and claw fingers which I call fingers that and don't ask why LMAO.

    P.S. Anyways on the final note I felt deeply sorry for Ardyn Izunia in FF 15 and I wanted to curl up completely in the furs and drink and cry. Also the ending of FF 13-2 was quite funny LMAO and I don't know why I find the ending funny perhaps I'm slightly Sadistic I don't know but I think the ending was also very obvious what would final paws happen.

    P.S. I know I will get a lot of roasting for this but FF 12 was awesome and I love the hunts speaking of which I need to do the hunts for FF 13 and also this will also get me roasted again I'm really antsy about video game companies not supporting gay rights because of hurting their final paws image which is massively stupid. Who cares about your images or fans? LMAO

    Currently wishing to collect video game figures or plushies if I had a shelf to store stuff and things not go on the floor LMAO. I've a weird thing for collecting phone cases which often get lost or often scattered like my mixed match socks around the fort LMAO. Anyways I know that my phone case looks like a BL which you know Sebastian and Ciel get well w/e you know anyways I've seen a BL anime and I do enjoy BL anime so whatever I guess it's better than unrealistic harems or unrealistic gigantic ___ on the screen just for fan service at least BL has substance. Also very childish and likes to collect mystery blind bags that are for girls or for boys but then again there isn't really anything wrong with age and collecting things you like and I'm talking about like them Pikmi Pops and Li'l Woodzeez yeah I know 27 years old in the vessel shell and my ancient midnight wolf bones still collects those. However I know that's shocking after reading my profile I've a certain thing for cute and adorable and sparkly and glittery items right? I know quite shocking indeed like the wisp of my midnight fur hehe. Also wish to collect Pokemon cards again and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards again. I would really love to get a binder ring and get them in a card sleeve that has holes in them and put the binder ring on a shelf and hang them up like a display and not kept closed in a binder. Retail therapy is extremely relaxing even though I'm more addicted to buying stuff online LMAO.

    Will be pretty rad to have my friends pick out a game that I can play next on my next console at this time all I've out is a PS4 my son's Xbox 360 he doesn't play a PS1 and PS2 a DS lite and a 2DS. My 3DS and and Gameboy SP is in storage however will need a new Gameboy Color because my kiwi one is broke. Something is wrong with the springs and new batteries will not make the system turn on at all etc. However I'm not sure what Gameboy Color I want perhaps a tealish green or berry color or a ice blue color. Not much on the dandelion color or wanting another lime color etc.

    If you're a artist and can draw and are needing new ideas I've a few. However on that final paws note I can't draw if my life depended on such I draw like a 5 year old would aka stick figures and very poorly drawn images LMAO. Hence why I'm asking if anyone is a artist I can show you my ideas that I already have + I would love to support artist that love to draw after all drawing art is a form of speaking from the spirits and the soul onto a painting paws after all for that final matter.

    P.S. crafty guys isn't girly in my wolven paws book or magi book because homemade gifts are the final paws best.

    Favorite flower colors are pure white or orange or pastels and I hate red colored flowers for some odd reasons I don't like them!