Other things I like and things you shouldn't like by me

  • Pumpkin flavors are my favorite.
    Cheesecake is my favorite dessert what flavor? I would say tuxedo or strawberry and turtle is okay well I never had a good one probably why lmao.
    Coconut is my least favorite flavor.
    Video game music or anime video game sound tracks and hardly ever do I listen to Metal music anymore and don't final paws ask me why I don't. However I will say with my massive amount of depression that I've I find myself lacking in enjoyment of things I used to really love and all that paws fancy stuff.
    Not so picky on beer but do ask what my favorite alcohol is etc.
    Favorite soda is ginger ale I've been trying to drink only one can of soda every two or three days. I've been drinking sparkling water lime which is yum! Or berry flavors blackberry is yum! Also Watermelon and Orange and tropical flavors are okay just not a huge fan of mango.
    Oh I want to list more gaming stuff to bother you with lmao.
    Video games I heard of and want to play. If you've a video game not listed on here I would be glad too hear you out and would give more conversation starters sense I can't start a conversation unless my life depended on such. Lunar Legend. A array of Donkey Kong games. A array of Paper Mario games. A array of The Legend of Zelda. A array of Pokémon Games. A Varity of Yoshi and Kirby Games. Castlevania. Dot Hack the old PlayStation 2 games you should see how insane the Quarantine one is for the price is now the price is pretty crazy. Also the G.U. series. Devil May Cry Series. Tales series. Dark Cloud One series. Crash Bandicoot and Croc and so much more!

    Keep in mind though and don't get excited because most of the games I only played only a few series by them or none at all and only know the title and a few details about them.
    There is a game about Christianity and that is Xenosaga and has 3 series however recently the producer junked the idea of a HD port saying that there will be hardly no sales or anything like this. There is even a oh wait that's a spoiler!

    I'm not into games with homophobic fear of losing fandom or games that are over $e9ualized or romance games. Also I know this might get some hate but I never gotten into the Metroid games any or into space themed games. I know Star Fox might be a what you serious right? Tell me you're joking? No not really I'm not. I remember playing the GameCube version and falling asleep. But Wolf is really cool though. I'm an extremely a wuss when things are into horror games. But I've heard of games like RE of course which is obvious but what is all this hype with zombie games? Boring! Although four was rad. Fatal Frame. Clock Tower. Dino Crisis. Bioshock was really cool though! I know I could list more horror games but that would give us more room for conversation right? 
    Also ask me what my favorite Chrono Cross and Trigger characters are! 
    If this was repeated in the other Video Game blog whoops oh well!
    If you were broke what shampoo would you recommend me? Well I would say Suave isn't that terrible however out of all their products my hair only likes about two hair care lines by there which is the Rose Oil for Volume.  Sheer Color Brilliance. But better than Garnier and Tressemme which surprising or not caused my hair too fall out in clumps and shed all over the shower like my hair melted or something also the Garnier hair mask in a tub are horrid my hair felt so heavy and weighed down and I tried almost all of them as well the one minute mask series. I've tried V05 which is okay not the best. The most affordable best hair care that is clean and junk free is Hask the only reason why I dislike this product is because the White Truffle shampoo is only sold at one certain store. but I decided to go with a cheaper brand because I feel like being cheap LMAO anyways don't ask about that one LMAO because the price difference is only $2 and something.  Another one is Rose Oil this can be only found in two select stores. However those are my favorite and Keratin as well. I've not tried coconut oil for my hair because my hair doesn't like coconut oil and gives me massive dandruff and my hair feels like a grease bomb and I'm not a huge fan of coconut smell. If anyone says my hair looks nice thanks I guess? I'm surprised my hair isn't dead as much as I spiritual value my hair I dye my hair every 6 or 8 weeks and I box dye my hair for now because I don't know $77 is a lot of money just for a single colored hair. I've tried Biotin but the thing about Biotin is you won't see results till you use the whole bottle and Biotin takes two months too fully absorb in the void or a.k.a. the body. I don't use heat or styling tools. I do however use Aveeno Almond Frizz Spray sometimes and the OGX Argan Oil repair spray which you can use on dry hair. The only products I've not tried yet by Suave is Collagen. Sleek and the Moroccan Oil Shine Color Care line  which I tried and my hair hated that so bad! Even gave me massive headaches again this wasn't for me even though the reviews a lot of people loved this line but not my hair that's for sure! However the only difference with this one vs the Sheer Brilliance is that this one seals in color and has a salon smell to the shampoo and all that final fancy stuff. Which yes Suave is so cheap I decided to see how bad these products really were. But the truth is I would say pretty bad if my hair hates almost all of them and some the scent is extremely headache inducing some made my hair extremely dry but that's probably because of my hair is extremely picky. Also Suave really didn't take my hair color completely out even with cold water. Hell I even had a color hair product dry my hair out extremely bad and my color was so dull and that was Maui Moisture Sea Mineral. But I wouldn't say Suave brand isn't the worst one on existence.  I also have not tried the Avocado Oil by Suave because I'm not a huge fan of that smell and the Olive Oil smell. However I did try the Lavender and Almond Oil for soothing and frizz and I feel like I've mix feelings because I smell more Almond than I do Lavender but not a bad product I probably would pick up again if I was in the mood for something more herbal smell with a high note of Almond but I probably won't because I think for not being a bad product is almost like saying ''basic'' conditioner. I get better results using the ones I already listed on this final paws part on this section anyways.
    But yeah certain smells bother me and give me a headache and even though the product might be good I just get sick in the void and feel complete nausea going on and I can't use the product and I would say the most smelliest shampoo I smelt was by Hask Biotin. However not going to stop me for using their products when I like a few of them anyways lol.
    Warning you will be reading some extreme personal information and some deep conversation. Please note that this might be too dark for you too read but you must know this about me even though I personally don't want to have a conversation about that.
    I will start off with personal flaws such as sound and physical problems
    I don't like sound of guns or guns popping this is a secondary reason why I'm scared of horror games if there is a gun involved.
    I don't like the sound of bells and chimes ringing that much or ticking clocks.
    I can't sleep in a quiet room I've to have a fan running 
    I get headaches with certain smells and makes me sick.
    I don't like hunting or people talking about killing animals even if you're hunting for food and not game.
    I don't like politics and have zero interest.
    I believe that people should get a psychiatrist evaluation before owning a gun.
    I believe that people that are mentally unstable or have Bipolar or any mood swing mental heath should own a self defense weapon.
    All that takes is one snap and all that takes is you too be dead or someone you love.
    My past addiction with prescription drugs wasn't because of hip or cool or spiritual awaken. I was going insane in a different way.
    My flaws most of my flaws are not fixable unless I spend thousands of dollars  at a dermatologist. 
    I'm a recover addict from Xanny and Zoloft. I didn't do these too be hip and seek out attention. 
    I was forced too go into therapy and get psychiatrist help because of my insanity.
    I meditated on alcohol and drugs and let's just say that extremely changed my spiritual views and how I'm as a creature.
    My old self is gone completely dead and I've a new ''coat'' and I will tell you my personal opinion and belief on certain topics if you don't like what I've to say and you get mad over that then that's your problem not mine.
    I drink once a week and in the past I used too drink three or four times a day
    I've never been 100 percent proven but only told by many of doctors that I could've PTSD. Chronic Depression. Bipolar and Mild Autism. I've no insurance now so I stopped going. Because without insurance my psychiatrist was $500 per visit  and I wanted to be off forming habit drugs so now I take herbal teas for stress and sleep when needed if you want too ask what those are you can ask. I also did melatonin but I got tired of gummies sense I'm taking some already. I heard also Omega 3 is good for depression but I never had Omega 3 before or tried Omega 3 in the long run but I will see if that helps any.
    You can’t see this unless I do a angle shot and flash but near my nose and cheeks I’ve micro scaring and even taking vitamins for skin and also includes vegetable and fruits in there I hope this clears up some of my micro size hole scars only been taking the vitamins for a few days so I won’t see any results till February because no vitamin does miracle work in a few days and I also have dark circles as well.


    I find makeup pointless what's the point? Waste of money taking that off your face everyday I rather waste money on perfume because for 1. I can enjoy a nice fresh scent and 2. Makeup isn't going to solve my facial scar tissue problem for that final paws matter anyways LMAO.

    P.S. I've been taking vitamins for women with fish oil and omega three for more than a few months now and I've seen mild results but I've not tried biotin yet sense the multi vitamin I'm taking with the fish oil and omega three gummies have 100 mg or 333 percent daily value of biotin I won't be trying biotin. I don't think my face scaring will ever recover from scratching my face and popping my pimples with nail clippers. As I can say by a update I noticed some positive results in my skin but sense I've permanent skin damage I wasn't expecting a full recovery. However I noticed my immune health combined with extra vitamin C I've been noticing results there in health. But that's to be expected. Also I don't feel comfortable taking 3,000 milligrams of biotin when that's probably a overkill of what you should have
    My teeth are jacked up I’ve two teeth that are rotten from my teenage years before I dropped out of high school my depression was so bad I didn’t shower for two days straight and I didn't brush my teeth but every two days either and I also would eat once a day until I felt dizzy and I also was a pill popper back then. I also don’t have dentist insurance and my dad will not me to have insurance or take me to a sedative doctor which I understand that would most definitely cost several hundred dollars or could be thousands. So for a gross fact I don’t know if I’ve cavities or any abscess but don’t worry I everyday and brush my teeth twice a day and I eat 3 or 4 times a day.

    P.S. I also have weird shooting pains across my face every once in a rare while. I've no idea if I've nerve damage in my face or not. I also pop my jaw rarely when I eat. I also have no idea what the problem is either on that. Medicaid is completely pointless now with half coverage LOL.

    - I was born pigeon toed and two crooked pinkies and my dad is also bow legged so count that in as well.

    - My stretch marks are on my buns and legs at least I was lucky enough to not have stretch marks on my void a.k.a. stomach.

    - Speaking of which don't be concerned about my weight I eat and if you want a list of what I eat please ask if you're that concerned.

    This is why I don’t feel pretty about myself and I don’t really think people understand why I feel or act the way I do sometimes for that final paws matter.
    Relationships and me having kids and my final decision and this might be very painful to read as well as the next topic of family.
    Sense this wasn't clear in my last autobio I decided I should give this one final update and never again and I say never again because this takes too much time to do this but I feel that it's important to update.
    - I've decided that with my real pup that I can't handle another C-section again due to the fact I couldn't walk for four months and I  needed help in the bathroom or shower. I had to take pain pills ever few hours because I couldn't handle the pain which mind you I've zero pain tolerance. Also in 2020 if I do too work or lifting I notice a small pain. But I'm willing too adopt a boy that is trained too use the bathroom.
    I want to get my tubes tied in the future if I ever get insurance in the future with my future partner. I also only take pills when my time of the month comes because I don't want to be taking a pill everyday and sense no insurance I can't afford the patch which is easier on me because the patch is $150 or $130 something like that and also I take a lot of herbs which most of them are unknown if that effects the pill or not. I know licorice does and St John Wart.  I know that's a waste of money $15 a month for pills and I only take half a pack but I can't be addicted to pills again and my time of the month makes me extremely ill.
    I also will state that the path is clear that even though ''IF'' I did get full custody of my real pup I will not move out of state because all of his aunts live in the current town that I'm + if Hunter had a emergency the only family members that I currently know are in the same town. I've made my choice as of this month and 2020 that I will not be and will not be forced to move out of my home town.
    P.S. I decided I will not meet people until I have my apartment if this isn't okay with you I totally understand why you don't want to final paws message me. Because who final paws knows? I might not have my own apartment till I'm in my late 30s? I've no idea when I'm going to get the proper help for income which I've no idea why my dad is anti low income apartment does he not understand that now days you need about two jobs or at least a high paying job to own a house or apartment now days? I don't get why my dad is anti government funding. Also please keep in mind that if you do wish to hang out with me I will only allow you too meet me at my apartment complex and i don't want you moving in my apartment in day one of meeting you. Due to what happened in my traumatic events I really don't feel comfortable moving in with my future boyfriend till two or three years or more. Which again I know this is a 100 percent deal breaker on this one as well.
    Update as of May. Tri County said that if I can't qualify for disability that I should be able to find help by their program for a low income apartment and a self employed job. Even Tri-County told me getting disability is extremely tough well  I wanted to say no crap because people have abused the government system and when there is people or creatures like me need the desperate help.
    P.S. Which I will say my dad is being negative like we should see if you qualify for a low income apartment. LOL my dad really believes that someone is going to hire me online for $30-40 hours or more if I work online if disability doesn't work out for me. LOL yeah okay and that's just like my dad assuming I talk to 100 or more guys or people a day. This is why I tell my dad I'm not on any online website LOL. I don't know why my dad thinks of me this way probably because when I was a dumb teenager I would go online and troll people....which got me in serious trouble with my parents....not proud of that and don't ever ask me of my teenage years I was very ignorant because I told my parents like a little stupid $hit I was and I think that's why my dad doesn't really want to know who I talk to online or what else not lol. I rather you not ask about my teenage years or even my childhood. Kind of a waste of time and the past is the past you know? Don't bother asking. I also know this will upset my future partner but I plan not to tell my dad that I'm dating someone. I rather not get into this debate or whatever I guess you can say this is one of my problems of dating to guys can't figure out what is my dad and my aunts personal problem with me we all make terrible mistakes and choices in our life but I think mine have to do with I don't want to be a social elitist and a hard workers like most of my remaining family that are left and alive and still get communicated by my dad. I only talk to my family if I need a ride to the grocery store because that's all my aunts will do for me anyways. I guess being mild/medium disabled and wanting government help/assistant is quite a disappointment problem for my family.
    Also this is why my dad doesn't want to meet anyone or anyone I talk to online because of a traumatic event of what happened due to my online....adventure hunts. My dad will not and doesn't want to meet the next guy that I date and he will never change. This is something that will also most a 100 percent deal breaker right there and I probably won't tell my sister either or post anything on social media until a few years from now.
    Okay I lied anyways the midnight wolf had a few more things before this becomes a close and the midnight and the abyss wolf can cross their paws now for a silky and coarse wolf promise that this is the last thing that I post in the comments. Anyways here we go and good luck this part is ultra!
    I also don't believe in physical attraction or more or so physical love. I don't understand how that effects bonding or even increases the relationship value. I understand this also makes a relationship very difficult because I don't believe in such things. Like what the heck? I find that weird and very disturbing and I rather just lay on my partner and his chest and listen to his heartbeat and play a game or watch T.V. I prefer a simple quite and less traumatizing and less disturbing relationship where things don't have to be physical everyday. I know some people prefer a hyper active lifestyle if you catch my drift but that's not what I'm and also if you're wondering what I look for in a relationship read my 3 post below. I know my post is cryptic and riddled but that's how this midnight wolf has always been but if you can't figure out what I mean then I highly doubt we would be compatible because that doesn't take brains to figure that one out what the midnight wolf means.
    Another reason why relationships are hard with me is I'm treated like a 12 year old I can't talk to people on the phone while my dad is around because he always is like who is that? who are you talking to?
    P.S. One time I had my headphones out of the laptop jack and my dad started freaking out like WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? ARE YOU TALKING TO YOUR AUNT? WHO IS THAT?
    However I think the main reason why relationships are hard for me is my mental state emotional state and communication state I think this is why I'm not suited for a relationship. I'm not easy and I've a lot of problems which most partners will not take the time + tolerate such behavior for a relationship. Anyways this is almost like a handicap for me but only in the mental and emotional and communication department even hard enough to keep friends around for long because I'm just too much to handle for people. However I've gotten so used to people not being able to handle a mentally disabled person I've just given up on life and that's final. I just don't see myself being suited or even for a companion in a lifetime I just don't think I'm meant for anyone.
    Quite ironic right? Spiritually strong but extremely weak and handicapped in real life. Yei I know this is a boo hoo statement there is a lot more creatures well I should say humans that are far worse out than me yei that statement is true but doesn't mean I don't follow in the category of mild/medium handicap because I'm well aware there is a lot more humans out there that's more far gone than this midnight wolf and abyss wolf combined etc which I never really disclosed how my behavior is when both of our heads are together but once you talk to me for awhile you know who is who and who is talking anyways back on subject. So trust me I know I'm starting a boo hoo party but I'm not. Because this is the truth my handicap has made me lose tons of friends and relationships. I'm also not hinting that I'm not at fault as well because I've lashed out of people and bitten their heads off by mistake because I didn't know better or from right or wrong emotional or understanding the facial expression or speech pattern. So yei I'm well self aware that I'm myself to blame and so are the other past people that are now gone in my life etc. So trust me I'm not here making a $hit post so all you fuckers and turd nuggets can feel sorry for my A$$.
    My favorite YouTube Let's Play is GirlGamerGab she isn't annoying. She also translates Japanese video games into English. Anyways CJUGames is also nice. However if not those two I usual just view a Let's Play with no commentary and deal with screeching or overreacting people playing a video games for attention. I prefer viewing anime in this form and that's subs because of the Japanese voice atmosphere added effects to the anime that's showing. Curious of what anime I've seen? Ask and I'll send a list I rather not type out a gigantic wall text. Don't ask me about my personal feelings about Naruto or Fairy Tail or One Piece or Death Note or My hero freaking academia or Sword Art Online. Because I simply don't care about those anime shows. I've not seen Black Clover so I can't place a verdict on that but at least Black Clover doesn't have a insane amount of episode list and I'll be 30 years old or more by the time those shows are over with. So please do ask for my anime list. Last note on this is what kind of music do I like and that is video game music. I used to listen to a variety of Metal music and I don't and I just ever so often listen to some Metal music here and there and honestly I don't think I can remember my top five bands anymore unless there is a memory lane jogger lmao.
    Drugs are bad mmmmmmkay?
    I really don't like watching movies and I don't see myself as a person. Anyways if someone had to force me to pick four movies well here is my list. Star Wars. The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Hunger Games. Pirates of the Caribbean. I don't like horror movies and I don't like a lot of movies with massive violence or gore. The most I ever saw in a movie was Rogue One that $hit was so dark in a good way I saw that three times. However I did saw Detective Pikachu and no I didn't cry myself a river. Perhaps one small tear for that matter but I did have some beer and gravy at 11 in the morning well I was visiting my sister at that time and curious why I had biscuits and gravy that early? Just ask. How many movies do I see in a year? Like maybe one or two? Cost almost $60 or more depending on you want the fancy reclining seats and if you want to get food and drink and tip the waiter or waitress LMAO.