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The Difference Between Scene and Emo in the 2000's

  • Some of us have been there."One day you resolve to wake up and become emo and walk out the front door. But people can't figure out if you are emo or scene.
    Are you looking for an emo fried because you are emo as well? Or are you just wanting to explore the difference between emo and scene subcultures ?
    "Ok listeners, it's time for me to do something different in this blog that you are presently reading. I present you the gothic subculture.
    Today. I am going to Help you define the emo and scene mode.
    Dark Versus Bright Colors
    emo kids' clothing palettes primarily consisted of black, more black, and red eyeliner, scene style was all about bright, often fluorescent hues.
    dark emo colors versus the bright scene colors.
    Emo teenagers liked dark palettes that were gem shaded or different shades of black.. While in the other hand the scene style were all about stocking bright shades or fluorescent hues.
    Morbid and Childish Themes
    emo teenagers were obsessed  Emily The Strange, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and gothic characters. While a scenester teenager liked buying My Little Pony T-shirts and accessories.
    emo Bangs Versus scene Big Hair
     hair focused on big bangs that often obscured half of your face, scene kid hair had to rest at least three inches above the top of your head.
    Black Versus Bright Hair
    scene hair is noen shaded that they normally die from black while emo hair is any dark shade of red or
    The Glam Weapons
    Scene had glam guns, knuckle dusters, and bedazzled knives that were different from any other subculture.
    Emo versus Scene Clothing
    scene teenagers were normally younger than emo people are.Scene believed in wearing revailing and embarrassing clothing . because of there clothing style the law decided to make sexual politics. Which infected the scene subculture only. On the other hand emo people had no problems with their dressing style or with The law.Because they dress modest.
    References To Each Other
    scene influenced emo. The two subcultures existed side by side for a reason and whenever a trend infiltrated emo . Later on it would infiltrate scene.
    Black Eyeliner Versus drama Eyeliner
    scene teenagers makeup consisted of solid black eyeshadow and red eyeliner that looked like pink eyes.
    Skinny Jeans Versus Neon leggings
    Emo and scene both wore  skinny jeans that were heavily influenced for each of them . But scene teenagers also liked to wear colorful skirts and tights.
    No Glasses Versus nerd Glasses
    Nerd glasses," were available only In the U.K. — . The glasses where pointless because they were two but for the face or they didnt have any lenses in them but scene teenagers still worried them.
    Simple Styling Versus Over-Accessorizing
    Scene peoScene ple liked to wear 20 different hair bows at once, and a million of scene band bracelets that were definitely in when it came to scene style. While emo people wear no bows ,studded belt, and they like to wear emo band wristbands .
    What do you think about the difference in scene and emo? " Be crazy. Be stupid. Be silly.Be weird . Be whatever . Because life is too short to Be anything but happy. " " Tweet this post". For further reading about this topic please check out my other blogs that are called Everything about emos and Everything about scene