The true feeling of loneliness (pt 2)

  • Well, guess life has sure take an insane turn for the worse. It's gotten way lonelier, and even after the loss of a girlfriend and best friend, I'm still going. I have no idea how, but I still am, and am never going to give up on my goals. I guess it's true you gotta watch the people closest. The real feeling of wanting to be a kid again is strong. But that's the thing though. People think that being an adult means your whole personality has to change, and you just become a lame loser who does nothing. It isn't true, cause that's just a stereotype people and adults like to use on the younger generation, but notice it's the miserable ones who are usually calling that out. I think that adult is just another word for "accepting responsibility" and not just a jail sentence to the end of your life as a child. Sure woulda been cool if the schools taught classes that better appealed to our life's after school, instead of a bunch of random standards, which we are forced by law to go to. Funny world. But anyways, the point is that if you learn the skills and learn the system, you can truly seek out the dreams you had as a kid, and not just conform to society. That means you gotta seek your own knowledge, have your own experiences. It's hard to step out the box sometimes, but everyone, is truly unique, cause we all have unique and special experiences that make us, well us. I guess I've been trying to hold onto old experiences, but I need to find new ones now, and start over. Take care of yourself's all, will make another soon... o.o