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10 Interesting Facts About Sleeping With Sirens

  • 10 Interesting Facts About Sleeping With Sirens


    We’ve all been there. We got tired of one band and want to start listening to a different one instead, or maybe you want to know more about Sleeping WIth Sirens. But you can’t figure out where to go to find this kind of information. “ Are you looking to explore more bands? Or maybe get to know them a little bit more?” Okay, readers, it’s time for me to do something radically different on here; I introduced you to Falling In Reverse” “ Today, I am going to help you learn  10 Interesting Facts About Sleeping With Sirens.”

    Fact one

    Sleeping With Sirens is a rock band from Orlando, Florida. Which was formed by the members of For All We Know Broadway and Paddock in 2009.

    Fact two

    Kelly Quinn Bostwick was born and raised in Orlando, Florida.  He likes to go by his middle name. When Kelly was only three years old, his parents got divorced, which will lead to his first song about his father leaving him and how it affected his childhood. Later on in his life, he joined the band Sleeping With Sirens as a vocalist. But he wasn’t the lead singer of the band.  

    Fact three

    People think that you are sleeping with police sirens. But the band got its name from evil Greek mythology about Siren Mermaids. You can describe these mermaids as beautiful but very deadly creatures—that lure nearby sailors which their music and voices. When the sailors heard them, they decided to stay there for weeks until they starved to death. 

    Fact four 

    Sleeping With Sirens had mainstream success with their second album called “Let’s Cheer To This.” Originally the second album was going to be called ‘Where Are You Now. .  On the album  “Let’s Cheer To This,” you can find the songs If You Can’t Hang, Do It Now, And Remember It Later, as well as many others. One of the songs on this album ] had over 6,000 likes and comments, which led to Quinn being named singer of the year at the Alternative Press Awards in  Los Vegas in 2012.

    Fact Five

    On November 28, 2012, two magazine papers were released to the public that  Kelly Bostwick Quinn had died.  The first magazine stated that he died jet skiing. While the other magazine said he had been killed in a  car accident. Later on in the day, Quinn had to do a public speech to tell them that he is okay and has not died in a terrible accident.

    Fact Six

    In 2012 Sleeping With Sirens released a Halloween single called Dead Walker, Texas Ranger. This song has over three million views, comments, and likes on YouTube and iTunes.

    Fact Seven

    When Kelly Quinn is off the tour, he likes to fly home to visit his wife and children. He loves them so much that he posts pictures of them together on his Instagram and Twitter accounts every day. 

    Fact Eight

    When Sleeping With Sirens makes an album, they like to feature other artists and bands in their music videos. For example, they featured rapper MGK, Matty Mullins, May Fire, and Franz on one of their songs on their third album. Kelly Quinn was even lucky enough to get featured on King For A Day for Pierce The Veil and Miles Away for Memphis.

    Fact Nine

    In October of 2013, Jesse announced to his fans that he is leaving Sleeping With Sirens.  To spend more time with his family and to pursue other musical interests of his. After Jesse had left the band, they decided to bring Nick Matin from Time Band Drugs to fill in on backup guitar But, Nick wasn’t officially in the band until 2016. 

    Fact Ten

    Kelly Quinn decided to do a   brief $80 Polaroid Photo  Controversy for a whole day, so Fans were disappointed with Sleeping With Sirens music videos for the third album track because they barely had any money to make this album. Luckily in 2016, the band became more robust than ever before. They made another album called Madness, which became a huge hit debuting at number 13. They also released a live album that same year. 


    One of my favorite Sleeping with sirens songs is  Kick me. Here is the song for you to listen to it.

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