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    Trigger Warning: This piece might contain language and involves graphic detail on pain towards one actual self. This was composed for a beautiful friend of mine, may peace continues to welcome good and blessings in her life.
    "If she never gave up on you.
    "If he never gave up on you.....
    Why do you take all of this out on yourself?
    More than one person NEEDS YOU! But don't just live for me!
    Live for you!
    Isolation to free one, from the true self of suffering in constant repetition.
    Empty room. Empty thoughts. Empty, like my dismantled heart.
    Pushing the razor into the skin, over and over again. Bleeding everything out, that was once imprisoned within.
    "Let me hurt myself."
    "Let me go, I want to die"
    The pain, that is felt, when I look deeply into your eyes.
    The sadness speaks to me in ways, you have never realized!
    "Let you hurt yourself?"
    We are suppose, to be friends!
    " Let you go?"
    Then let me follow you, on your journey until the end!
    "Let you hurt yourself?"
    We are suppose, to be friends!
    "Let you die? ...."
    This is something, I cannot allow. 
    Your legacy will live on for ever to me.
    The pain in your eyes.
    The scars on your thighs and hands...
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    Message from Descovia:  Regardless of how bad, you feel your situation is. Remember, you doing everything about it just by living and giving yourself freedom from the shadows. Why live in the dark? When we are beings of compassion and light? Fueled by imagination? Let yours roam! Do not become a prisoner, within your own thoughts. Free yourself, there's a way to do it without hurting yourself!