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  • For copyright protection. I DON'T OWN RIGHTS TO THE FOLLOWING SONG OR LYRICS COMPOSED IN IT. It was used as inspiration and with that I ended up composing a piece related to being an addict, using my own style to compose this similar to  the hook from the song itself. Due to inspiration from a loved one! Denzel Curry, I appreciate you and honor you for all you do for people all over the world that enjoy your music! You are more than an entertainer, your safety, lessons and teachings will always be appreciated and welcomed by me!!

    My world never stop reversing
    Even the pain couldn't numb me now
    Rewind the good back
    to the worst things
    Even my love destroys me now
    For, I cannot love 'cause it hurts me
    I will be happy
    When the sun burns out
    I have transformed to the worst me
    Your words couldn't curse me now

    Escaping the pain
    Breaking the needle off into my vein
    Remembering how it good it felt
    To satisfy the parts of me without a name
    Being able to detach myself from all
    Living sources, my very being is interconnected to
    Forbidden Memories stories within the quantum
    My life is nothing without you!!!

    I have transformed into the worst me
    Even your words couldn't kill me now....