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Flowers Bloom In The Abyss

  • In a rose, there is a matter,
    of what we desire to resolve;
    we can research on, but have no answer.

    What is it? Inner beauty?
    Of what we like to know;
    inside is true and sweet;
    like velvet silk of softness,
    tender from the touch; like a
    rose delicate petals.

    Nevertheless, even though the points from
    the stem are hurtful, if pricked.
    The feeling of the petals and leafs
    are fair enough to ease away
    the pain.

    What truly is inside is what cannot
    be described.
    It is what only you can see,
    if you can believe inside.

    Combining both, a beauty of a rose
    and a heart in one,
    you may see what really is inside