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Light Angel/Dark Queen

  • Magnificent that eyes that contain countless ancient mysteries

    This world alone is not ready to accept or embrace

    You wield a will stronger than any other being.

    Your power impacts the universe heavily!

    Graceful with endless blessings

    You ever had a kiss from an angel?

    She shows mercy as a queen of darkness

    Until circumstances present undesirable events.

    She has no problem at all! Protecting her kingdom

    at the fall of another.

    Her human body, restricts her to being a queen

    Until Destiney calls for her to be a Goddess

    She possesses an almighty weapon! More dynamic than any

    Force living of nature or any elements of this dimension

    That could shatter Excalibur into pieces...

    Careful not to cross her

    Deadly with disaster

    Ready to descend oblivion upon us all!