• The excessive sweating, uncontrollable worries with rampaging thoughts flying at the speed of Jupiter's winds, forgive me for my fatigue, I oversleep when it was suppose to be only a "nap".

    Trying to unscramble my ANXIETY

    Sounds more of

    "Ain't it for me."

    "No exit or taxi" away from this.

    What is it, you are doing?

    You question yourself a lot?

    I try not to. The switch activating my nerves default setting is neither on or off.

    It's set to complex. Reminders to myself, realign your mind and eliminate the stress.  

    If only that was the case! Stress is a killer, but it would be my savior from bodily cramps causing my disorientation, dizziness and my inability to function.

    Delusional or dysfunctional. Either over plan or overthink.

    When expectations fail. I feel in all ways generally, it is me. I blame for being irresponsible.

    Feeling the emotional energy of all living wonders and people in time pressing on your shoulders.  It's not pleasurable, heart palpitations do not reward me with any justice in slightest.

    You think it's me avoiding you. When the words of our human language cannot satisfy, my doubtfulness renders me in a state of peril, of expressing my gratitude for all you do.

    I do not know, if its me.
    Is it a quiet place or a quiet space needed?
    The disconnection wondering inside, if I should detach from all.

    A shred of reassurance goes a long way.

    Physical health is mental health.

    It's okay to not be okay.