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Different Breed

  • Taking over.
    No need to brag.
    Ya'll compared to me,
    I am a different breed.

    Thinking that you are big and bad
    but you ain't even in my league

    Cut that small shit out
    or get TAGGED
    and become a memory.

    Words of wisdom
    order of fellow OGs
    Keep your friends afar
    a closer eye on your enemies

    Trying to help these
    babies live their dream

    What we represent is
    bigger than any team

    in a your field of vision
    perspective of a side mirror,
    everything you see, is not as it seems!
    Always Grinding Never Sleep.
    You fools be getting lost in CREAM!
    I Battle with both sides of me
    Breaking limits, beyond dimensions
    Dejavu Detrimental Disaster
    I'm a living monument of duality!

    Talk that noise, render your abilities.

    Surrender to everything
    you pretend to be.

    Isaiah prayer for all my people
    So please proceed cautiously

    Play with my fire and
    I'll SET IT OFF

    Kakashi activated sharigan
    This is not what you want

    I breathe fire hotter than
    hell inside the sun!

    Giving no option to run
    Been like this before the hunt!
    promise you on everything,
    I am not the one!