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  • "365 days in a year. 52 in a half weeks. 12 months. The times, where I could no longer count. 525,600 minutes without remembering what provided me with clarity and contradictions, imprisoned me to remain captive by my own spells. This is the result of conjuring forces, meant to remain behind close doors. Within me in a lovely disguise, sleeps unruly beast whom is beautifully wrapped in moisturized medium brown skin, battle scars, tribal and memorial tattoos, with a strong voice. I am no avenging angel. But I will slay demons for these very angels, even if this war could threaten the human race. Never did I consider myself one.
    I am more than willing to sacrifice anything, but may it be, as long as it's NOT any extension of myself, in my beautiful babies.
    My spells condemned those whom are immune by the light of invigoration and unwilling follow a path of righteousness in enlightenment!

    If it does not reward life with offerings of tranquility. It matters not to me. I rather it be cast into the shadows, before my moment to awaken on the other side. I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!"

    Matthew Descovia

    -Well in my heart, death isn't the answer as in killing oneself or harming others for things they've done. It's unjustifiable, like the prison system where people hurt people who cause harm. Instead of exploring the root cause or trauma triggering those actions._
    "Cassandra Lozano

    "What questions would you ask the world? If you can speak to everyone at once?"

    As wrong as it may be, if you cause pain for the youth. Then I will never be a saint for causing harm to those whom prey on the innocent.

    No baby has the skill-set to make life changing decisions.  
    Your life matters nothing to me. If you sour the taste of salvation.
    When we all live longed praying for truth and eternal life without anguish!

    If it was possible without harm. I'd Scatter myself beyond the cosmos, figuring out why Wanda cannot grant a single wish. The blame does not go to Timothy. He too, believes in magic in his heart. He lives by it. Much like we all do. Dream big star, moon, indigo, and rainbow blessing babies!

    In a way to heal the broken so that there is peace....

    I am not afraid to become the hero needed for this world.

    These children will not be led to darkness.

    When all of them are glorified light-workers!

    _I am not only, willing to make this sacrifice alone. I am willing to become it!_