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Shadow Work-Signs

  • I am fighting feelings
    that been confined.
    There's no escape
    from the prison
    within my mind.
    My thoughts
    shaking and breaking
    every line, I have to walk on...

    Breaking the chains
    Connected to the hands of time
    Lost in the story lines
    Conversations with darkness
    Talking to my shadows
    I am losing myself inside

    my own troubled mind
    Who Will You Call Now?
    Should I power up?

    off Murderous Vibes?
    Don't try it. It's not wise kid.
    All for you. I'll make a way for me.
    I'll give anything to save these lives.
    To bring more endless possibilities.
    Tapped into magic
    normal eyes cannot see
    Lyrical conjurer. Adjective assassin.
    I'm following creed
    Compared to your favorites
    I'm taking the lead
    Made promises in blood
    I'm keeping until the day I leave
    We are suppose to save the world
    Never follow the sheep.
    Don't buy into promises
    you cannot afford to keep
    Live your dreams.
    In the wake of any ray
    from the light of life
    I refuse to die in my sleep.

    For it's known
    It's not easy being me.
    It's not what you see on tv
    Trials and tribulations
    Progress through poverty
    I am living for peace

    No force alive can deprive me
    of my desired liberty

    I am down on my last whim
    I do this for them
    I'm going for the GOAL
    Please, get out of the way...
    You barely reach the rim!

    I rewind and enlighten minds.
    I call upon the power of the great devine
    To provide as a guide with clearer signs.
    Nonsense aside, I'm all for the grind
    Don't judge me unless you
    know what my scars define!
    I'll defy every impossibility
    in a matter of time.

    It's a sign....
    Don't let the demons conquer your mind
    Where ever it's cloudy and dark
    the sun will always be out to shine
    You light is keeping every pat of me alive
    I promise over all, you will shine
    it's all just a matter of a time.

    I feel like my light
    does not shine unless
    I am by my son.
    I am the fire. Surrounded in smoke.
    I am in a trans red eclipse.
    Energy swelling in my heart and throat.
    I feel the heat of the sun.
    The light in me
    has more to become.
    I feel myself break.
    With every promise broke.
    My heart goes to the beat
    and it's pounding hard like a drum.
    Careful how you tread in this lifetime
    cause for right now, you only have one
    Understand the walks of life
    because you have to crawl before you run.
    Your value is priceless, remember that
    with anything else is said and done.