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Celestial Love

  • I never thought I would discover a passion as yourself.

    Miracles restore my desolated mind, repeating a problematic past. The demons no longer reach me with their screams, the damage done to my spirit, it all vanishes from your embrace.

    Your voice is loveliest tune in the world. I rather not live without the colors your ideas paint into life. Music sings and fills the air from your soul. You know enough about yourself, still it's a mystery to you. What your essence delivers in quantities. Blessings are bestowed upon us, upon all from your divine presence.

    It's remarkable. It's astonishing. Vibrantly godly.

    You are the key, providing me LIFE.
    You are strong as LOVE and without you.
    I would not be able to DREAM


    I love you ever so much.
    You are a true earth angel.
    I will fight by and for you
    always on your side.
    Warrior or Spellcaster.
    Mastering multiple abilities
    I learned from the best.