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Translucent Oracle

  • Many of us roam with our hearts in sought to venture the depth of oceans.

    Vast and filled with findings, levels, people residing in this plane of existence. Memorable journeys and mesmerizing behind a veil of contained universal mysteries connection to space.

    We are the light, glorious and outstanding! Similar in every way to stars in the twilight sky.

    Cosmic-Interstellar travel going beyond the breach of physical contact, where you are unable to pinpoint my location by satellite, my destination is unknown, and my destiny is unlived.

    Impossibilities lay before Alchemist and Magic-users who struggle with the tyrant of troubles, trying to conserve rightful properties, successful in connecting with me on elemental or technological based-search.  My soul and mind are entwined as one being, freedom from the alias of my former-self, exploring collected spiritual gatherings.

    A drift in a place where dreams are not product of mere imagination.
    Channeling forces to conjure my energy.
    Spells without meaning. Words without definition.
    The feeling of feeling... is not complete with all amiss.

    Can you hear me? Although my voice is not strong in this void?
    Distortion warps sounds in and out
    Life not in place of beginning. My death is not the end.