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Self Destruct

  • I don't even care on how it be.
    I am going to continue to do me.
    Fast or slow, why are they stuck?
    What the fuck?
    For real.
    Ya'll need to chill
    over here busting commands
    Recycling hot air, false claiming as a fan
    Can't handle the heat from the grill!
    Get baked like an oven
    I do this as if it's nothing.
    Get it right.
    Supply and demand
    I can do this eyes closed
    Look ma, no hands!
    You better understand.
    I am going to be grand.
    One of kind, credit to Stan-ley.
    Everyone be on my jock
    Trying to get piece of me
    I'm not candy, not the begging type
    but nigga please, give me time to breathe.
    Playing with my patience, is suffocating
    frustrating with the fact, you instigating
    I'm finalizing what I've been contemplating.
    Lack of interest and motivation
    Isolation withdrawn by limitations
    I am not going, to make a fool of myself
    I'm not Mr Satan. I'll absorb all this
    like Majin Buu, blow this shit up.
    No need for a demonstration...
    FORGET IT....
    Watch you all burn and  watch ya'll fall flat.
    I Sling and I slash.
    Cut you down to size. Just like that.
    If I transform there's no turning back.
    I'm powering up, going all the way up.
    I been dealing with ENOUGH!

    Truthfully, honesty will set you free.
    I'm staying on my turf, regardless if the surface gets rocky.
    I fear no hollow or titan. I'm for Blood-C
    Which side of us, you want? Don't you with me!!
    I cannot be substituted or copied.
    I can go for days to weeks without sleep.
    Shadow step like a shinagami. OoooOOh.
    If I was you, I would be watching my moves. True....

    If they wanna talk about it. Then be about it!
    You full of yourselves. This why you doubt us.
    Putting on show. You fools be the loudest.
    I want to keep my son every bit the proudest.
    You got too many people, out here wanting to out us.
    This is why I put my faith in the universe.
    Before I turn you all into angel dust.
    If it was up to me, I would cripple any wrong doer
    by simple thought or touch
    Forgive me, my mindset is bent on justice
    through fighting with violence and it's a bit too much
    My queen got powers only the blessed can trust.
    Other people had it worse, so think before you fuss.
    Think twice before you go in a rut, load the chamber
    curse it all , and feed the intentions of death's lust.
    Because it call could be worse, you could be part of the corrupt.
    I know what it's like when it all hits and it's all abrupt.
    Now before you let it go, and decide to erupt...
    Imagining every impossibility, 
    think before you self-destruct.
    Here you are wondering like me.


    Most of all. I am very grateful for that!