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Fading Into The Dark

  • My soul embarks on it’s light journey seeking guidance and reformation from the dark.

    As dark as night
    As bright as day
    You were my love
    You were also my pain

    I conquered your heart
    You conquered mine
    But you let invaders in
    Now to our love I’m blind

    There is no coming back
    from all that has happened
    I remain drifting away in the void
    Lifeless and heart In fragments
    Now I look for another
    planet to put my flag in

    I go through life like a lone wolf
    Damaged and hurt every bit of strength
    Used to carry on.

    You go through life like a swarm of bees
    Bringing flowers to life as we please.
    You got a new friend and I‘ve made a new enemy.

    Never in my life, did I
    believe this day would come for me

    Dark as the silent night

    I will call for you
    until my voice is no more
    forever waiting for the sun to come...
    Dat Boi Julz & Descovia