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  • Rap Vocals = Regular Text
    Scream Vocals = Bold & Italicized 


    I'll petrify a goon with
    the power of ice
      My fire running
    Through the universe's veins
    Who is he! What is he?
    Spirits of the frozen
      Stay following me
      Repent and cast away
      The pain Into the flames!
      Rather be remembered
      as a face without a name
      Don't get yourself played
      Like the game!
      You and I nowhere
       near the same!
      Another year
      dying for a better change!
      I must become it,
      before I go insane!!

        Breaking bad.  Breaking chains. Breaking habits. I am savage. I go wreck less. Bring the havoc.

    Bringing damage.  Can they handle it? Can't hear your voice over the static!

    Whoa whoa whoa. Wait a minute. You good? Who the baddest?

    Change the tactic.  Lyrical addict. Morse code encrypted spells, can they manage?

    We remain erratic.

    Talk on us, like we ain't the best,  I am not having it!

    Cannot. Will not. Shall not. be silenced under any sound.

    I am going over it all. Traveling dimensions. Our voice goes beyond the underground!

     I burn more trees, than
      a forest fire in the summer!
    I promise you. I will clap back with thunder!
    Don't act like
    I won't pull up on you

    We know hitters and RUNNERS

      I am tired of living in a world
      Where we're just a NUMBER!
    Hope my voice

    hunts you salty SNAKES
    in your SLUMBER!
    It's not about PRIDE
    You should been one up!

    Even at my lowest I gotta
    Keep it 100

    Got so much shit
    You only know the sum of

    Now I see why everyone in the game

    has their guns put up....

    Do what I gotta do

    For my babies

    From sun set to sun up

    At the end of the day

    I just want to

    See us all come up!