• I am going through a lot
    Who even needs water?
    I rather drown in fire.
    Save yourself. With me don't even bother
    Words my to mother,
    I rather it be me. better than any other
    Give a fuck  you know less, why would you provide any offer.
    I give love and hate better than what you must suffer....
    Know you miss me. I am watching the movie play over & over
    on the parts, that once delayed and buffered.  
    I been foolish. One must admit, I'm adamant
    I had enough of the bullshit
    I am losing all myself to every bit of this.
    Most of ya'll fake
    friend and pretend
    with given signs from wind
    to be in the Blues but you CLUELESS,
    what I even put myself through to just do this!
    I'm trying to make this world, safe for my son.
    I nearly lost it all with Elijah passing....
    and I promise he's not my only number one!
    Murderous vibes resonate within both minds.
    My other ego spontaneously showing shifting signs.
    It all goes on. I'm taking what's left of our time.
    Might be my dark side before it's any time of mine
    It's not pase, (cocaine)  wei (dude).
    I'm going cold as snow, emotional tides through these lines.
    RIP my brother Isaiah, Joseph, Raylin and Byron
    Go off the page, I might sign off  with the
    noise in my head, SCREAMING, sound off. There's no Sleeping With Sirens.
    Hear me scream and roar, no part of me is dying. I'm a BEAST like Buttonz. (artist from Laredo, Texas)
    Mightier than any lion.
    Not lying. This shit is for the birds. Although, none of this is flying.
    I am done losing blood and tears. In a frantic frenzy, frolic frequently for final fallen fantasy, fading by Furious Fears.
    Looking into the crystal cause it's all that gave me clarity.
    I could not get that, from looking into the mirror. Other side not clear. Parallel dimensional traveling, I have no choice to go with the flow. No matter if I break, brake, or even try to steer
    I am done falling behind.
    From the gutter, growing our way back to the grind.
    Ya'll trying to keep up with these times and rhymes.
    I am just trying to show the hate
    in this world nothing will stop a peace-fighter I will fire. TAKE COVER. Before you shame me with hate as a fake lover.
    Words fall on  false promises. In all love and honor. I am doing my damnest as a one of a kind father.
    Wish they would place the blame on another
    I believe in you, I believe him, I believe in her and his mother.
    Motha-fucka, don't need bad spells to cast hell.
    Why you deserve heaven, if you will cross lines
    to cross your own brother!?
    SHIT. I will do anything, to revive them all and unconditionally love all additionally, with an unstable mother!
    Is it all enough? What the fuck?
    What the fuck you mean?
    You think all of this makes me a King?
    I rather you have freedom
    FUCK. What I stand for in terms of a kingdom.
    Kingdom come. Kingdom goes.
    I know King-Kong won't try me unless
    I feel bold enough
    To get the biggest piece and try to eat him!
    I rather deceive him.
    Everyday's my energy's depleting, heart's broken and it keeps beating. I am still fighting. Sword's broken.
    I'm still bleeding. Why the hell, am I still here?
    I should be fucking leaving.....
    My child's still here, I gotta keep breathing
    Full of Shenanigans, we are randomness at fullest. Even Stevens.
    I am ready to die for everyone I speak for and believe in!
    Give a fuck less, if you wish downfall on my success.
    You cannot spellbound me to anything less.
    Gonna push myself to go, Isaiah will always be my reason.
    Ya witch.