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  • I have given my best to a friend of mine but in the end i decided to end it when i thought i was being held back. In the end i decided this to join another, one who has one goal and that is for others to be one of us. I think it in my head alot how people can be so cruel in this world but with her i feel more and see more clearly than before. I used to be a mess doing drugs and ruining my life and i can see there is still hate that needs to be exterminated. Words will not hurt me as long as i have them and they have my back through the hard times and the good times and i really appreciate them for it. So if you want to be one of them people that have issues with me and just overlook my personality i dont need any of you in my life but ones who do like me for me then i would really appreciate supportive and caring behavior. The question would be is that too hard for you internet bullies or what? I guess only time will tell in this case.