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Role models and a bit of my past pain

  • In the last blog or entry, said what I was into. Was planning on writing more but got too tired. Anyway, I guess I'll start with saying that Percy and Nico are like a part of my inner most core of who I am. They're also huge role models and literally transformed my life and still are. I have a cousin who's like Percy and he's my first real life role model. Never met a Nico yet so hoping I'll on here. For girl role models, I guess that'll be Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean and Thalia Grace. Also Thalia and Nico are the first impressions I have with emo/goth. Umm, I grew up in a mentally and emotionally abusive environment (Later I learned that it was narcissism). First was the evil step dad and recently learned that my bio dad is one too. Sucks. Not only that but learned that half of my bio fam is narc. Just putting this out there that I know when I see someone who wants to take advantage on me and I will door slam or take it to the public. I also have some experience with dealing with a real psychopathic brother. My whole bio fam is a bunch of Slytherins. I'm a lion if it's not noticed XD. Almost had a phobia(s) cause of my family. I learned family is something that needs to earned not taken for granted and not inherited. So my true fam is my cousins and other extended family not on my dads side, and friends.