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Hobbies and stuff

  • I like reading young adult fiction. And I like writing short stories that I plan on turning into video games for educational purposes. I like swimming and would love to go camping or hiking or rock climbing with someone, unfortunately I'm in a new state and don't have very much friends if any in CA. CA is my home state but things happened (last blog) and well, learned that most of my 'friends' were fake. Also it's been like 6 or 7 years since I left CA so some people have moved on. I'm a snuggler. I like snuggle and hugging regardless if it's a platonic or romantic relationship. Touch is my main source of giving love. I also love random gifts and quality time. I also want and trying to learn about digital image programming on my own. Back in TN, I had a longboard but couldn't bring so its still out there. Been a year since I've skated. Dream job would be like creating video games and other software and being an educator. Grew up as a cat lover but I think I'm more of a dog lover now. Oh and the thing about my sexuality, okay so umm, my sexuality seems to like to change constantly. Like almost daily. Sometimes it even confuses me. I just like what I like at the moment I guess