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A big reveal

  • So I am happy to announce that not only I am fluid between emo and pretty boy but I'm also genderfluid between male and gender neutral:

    If I am gender neutral, the following pronouns and titles will work:

    • Nominative: When I tell someone a joke fey* laughs.

    • Accusative: When I greet a friend I hug fer.

    • Pronominal possessive: When someone does not get a haircut, feys* hair grows long.

    • Predicative possessive: If I need a phone, my friend lets me borrow fers.

    • Reflexive: Each child feeds ferself

    *please pronounce fey or feys as fay and fays


    • Child: Neut

    • Gender name: singular: Enby, plural: Enbies

    • Sibling: Emmer

    • Sibling’s child: Nibling

    • Honorific: Tiz