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Phobic/ My video game hobbie and collection wants oh wait!

  • For people that might know that might be interested in knowing which I know 0 of you do....I just rather say I'm mentally just fucked with all the abuse and mentally tortured....

    Atelophobia - phobia of being imperfect or being imperfect to someone. Not good enough. I rather not try. I can't compete. I can't battle this. I can't win this. Always a sigh.

    Dementophobia - fear of madness or insanity. This probably happened when I became a addict to off brand Xanax and Zoloft at that time I had Medicare and booze and I also meditated while doing this as well this was after my mother passed away and I was educed treatment for 6 months with a psychiatrist and a therapist and signed paperwork that I went. They didn't put me in a mental home because they knew they didn't know I was grieving and I went completely nuts. So I was given two options and also what changed me into a person is I don't know I went on a spiritual quest. I was in a lotus position the room felt black to me and I was only aware of reality for 13 percent at that time. I started to see prismatic rainbow lights the the highest level of another realm. I saw what I thought was the Abyss there was chains everywhere and a howling gate and rattling chains. I saw a emerald green serpentine with purple gem eyes and scales and I felt the serpentine around my body and my arm and slithering the tongue in my ears. What creeped me fuck out I was not in the same potion as I was I was in a kneel position with my head tilted to the side and I felt like my body was back into the vessel but reborn. The old me died.

    Athazagoraphobia - Fear of being forgotten or memory loss of someone. This is main reason why I've to talk to someone 3-5 hours a day because I start to worry and panic. 

    I see this as a hobby to collect things etc. This should be a clear give away of what I'm into if this doesn't then I've no hope anymore.

    So I was thinking instead of flooding my Wishlist with tons of Pokémon stuff I can just do this instead. and I would love both stickers

    Favorite Pokémon types are

    Pokémon types are Water. Ice. Dragon. Ghost. Poison and Bug. I love Pokémon!

    Also looking for Zoroark plushies and Zorua plus figures and I would want a surprise so not listing plushies here and I don't have any and don't plan on buying any plushies anytime soon anyways LOL

    Favorite Pokémon trainers and that is N or Grimsley. I would love a Grimsley card!

    Looking for Halloween plush of Lucario and looking a Pokémon Center Entei

    Servine and Snivy figure

    Pikachu shirts looking for ones that are black but with neon or bold prints plus looking for a gray one with a angry or many facial expressions of Pikachu these are the main colors I want if the shirt was white I would love bold and bright colors on the fabric etc and also looking for on Pokémon Center Exploring with Evee and Mew Mythical Mana and looking for vintage Raichu items as well

    Looking for Pokémon Eevee and friends dreaming and I like any Pokémon that’s in a sleeping pose. Also looking for random figures of Tyrunt and Beedrill and Lugia and Spearow and Mienshao and Bouffalant and Teddiursa and Rockruff and Mothim and Scyther and Dialga and Bisharp and Kyogre. Also looking for Pokémon themed DS stylus and also the Black and White kit etc. Looking for Pokémon Center Vaporeon aqua rinig figure and Vulpix fire spin figure from Pokémon center as well

    What do I think about Pokémon Center shirt quality? Awful for the price. My sister bought me a shirt mind you a $30 shirt and I only had this shirt for three years....well one day the shirt got accidently put in the dryer because I confused that shirt with another one of my gray ones and mind you this shirt was put in a dryer with a medium size load and low heat and INSIDE OUT and the dryer was set on low for an hour. Come to find out the back part of shirt where there is prints and designs cracked some. I checked the tag and the shirt said that the shirt can be put on low heat. When I told my sister this she was in shock. She was like that shirt was expensive I expected so much more! So that tells me that Pokémon Center uses cheap A$$ ink. Their socks? I lost the pair of socks my sis got me sadly I think my socks got accidently in the donation pile while going through old clothes. I think the quality is comfortable but very tight on narrow feet. This might sound weird as I'm a 7.5 in boots and a 7 in sneakers but whatever. Their phone cases I want one but the case I want is highly rare and is $60 so probably will never happen.

    Looking for more of the Electric Rock by Pokémon Center and Pokémon Pikachu Plush Cyrus and Ghetsis and looking for the Pokémon Center Jolteon Discharge figure. Looking for any Kyurem figure. Looking for any type of Mespirt card or plush and also looking for a Murkrow plush.

    Looking for mainly PS4 games such as. Tales of Vesperia. Secret of Mana Digimon story and matter of fact I want to play all Digimon games. Also want all Tales games known in the U.S. besides the newest one Arise. Anyways the only Tales game I've is Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Symphonia and the second TOS is called Dawn of The New World. When I get done with clothes I most likely just want video games and stuff from Etsy lol

    DS * Games and other random games GBA/GC/PS2 * also PS1. GameCube

    * Lost Kingdoms One and Two

    * Pokémon colosseum and Gale of Darkness

    * All Paper Mario games

    Need all Super Mario games for old school consoles

    Need Chrono Trigger again


    Dreamcast? Not sure any good games on here!

    Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm

    How to spot a fake Pokémon DS game.

    Cartridge is gray and not black. Some sellers will state the product is a reproduction copy that goes for GBA/GBC/64 games that are commonly faked. I do believe PS4 games are safe from this. If you want to know if you got a real copy or not for the Pokémon DS games hold the game into the light and you will see a reddish tint where the black border is from the label this is for Pokémon DS games. Also the fake video games will also have a fake reproduction booklet and that will be glossy and thick printed paper.

    For my recommendation don't buy any video games on Amazon because you can't see a full zoomed in picture! Also most bootleg copies of the label are very blurry and you might want to Google a contrast between a fake and real copy. Also any Pokémon DS or GBA/GBC color game that's $20 is also a fake the reproduction copies sell for that much as well. So I would also recommend looking at Gamestop or seeing how much a real copy is of the video games I listed.

    I'm also looking for Donkey Kong on the 64 and The Legend of Zelda games for the 64. Currently missing the system. Looking for Yu-Gi-OH! DS games and all other games in the series. I want to play all Castlevania games. Same with Kirby and Yoshi games.

    I'm looking for Pokémon DS games. Platinum. Pokémon Black and White both series one and two. Diamond. Pearl. Pokémon Heartgold and Pokémon SoulSilver. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

    Final Fantasy IV

    Lost this copy but man this game was hard like any other FF games grind and grind and keep repeating but this is probably a LOW for me LMAO. Invest in this later. I want all FF games for the DS more than other systems etc.

    Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals

    Golden Sun Dark Dawn

    Castlevania Portrait of Ruin and Dark Of Sorrow

    GBA games:

    Pokémon Sapphire and Emerald and Ruby and Leafgreen and Firered

    All The Legend of Zelda games

    All Breath of Fire

    All Digimon Games

    Dream games

    * Ogre the Battle this is also being faked and sold as a reproduction copy as well! Average price is $40-60 + depending on the condition of the game and what is included

    All .Hack old games which will take the longest to grasp a whole set will range to the high $300 if there is instruction guides

    I wonder if people know there is a game about Christianity and Jesus is on one of the cutscenes? Ha! Fun fact! Xenosaga and series three is the most expensive. I only played the first game. I kind of forgot about this series and the last game runs about $50 +

    * Have I played a game with Multi Players? Only game Runescape.....yes back in the day when that game was $5.95 I stopped playing because of the big spike increase of membership $11 + there is nothing you can do much as a free member the most you can do is get your skills to your 30's + and that's all and the skill is Slayer always wanted a Slayer cape and so much fun co op....I wish I had someone to play wiih though I've a Asus Vivobook Max which that's not a gaming XD I could play RS 3 hours or 4 hours a day I would like to go do other things in RL like find something on YT etc!

    Castlevania real copy vs fake or something like that

    How to spot a fake Pokémon GBC game Sapphire and Ruby and same thing with DS just Google the video game of your choice and see if there is a side by side comparison. I’ve played a fake Pokémon SoulSilver and the game crashed within the middle of the video game etc

    Games I’m not hyped about getting into are unsure about

    Starfox. Metroid I know blasphemy and vile about them two series. Mana Khemia not sure if I will be into this game or not like all the games listed here I might go look up a let’s play on YT and go from there. Rampage. Hamtaro series. Radia Stories. Rogue Galaxy. Mystic quest I wonder if I can get into this game I played this way back in the day, same with Street Fighter I loved using Blanka. It was very awful with Vega LMAO. Grandia I wonder if this series is any good also Legend of Dragoon and Starfy because I think that’s where that dancing star is from Smash Ultimate LMAO. Also The Threads of Fate hopefully I can get into this again! Also Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl I heard this is a remake of the first series.

    Hardest boss? I still can't beat the Super Boss Yiazmat on FF 12 and even with shell on his death strike swipe hits me every time. I also want to try the Super Boss and missons on FF 13 and second one! The third one I'm gonna look up a Let's Play as I don't play timed games unless there is a way to reverse the time etc.

    As you can see this will take several years for me to collect everything I want. I also want all pink consoles. Final Fantasy 13 theme PS3. I want a black Wii more than white. I also want a Hyperkin in Jasper red. Smoke is my main 64 system I want if not Ice Blue and Grape as I'm not sure how I feel about the watermelon red system. I want an Atomic Purple or any translucent GBC and GBA. I want the GBA to have a Pelican light hood attachment!

    What do you do all day? My headphones are normally hooked up 24/7 unless I've to get up or be somewhere. Otherwise my headphones are never off. I also could be trading on Animal Crossing. Why don't I drive? Or work? I've explained that in my physical blog on my Altscene account.

    What is your favorite food? Like if you want to know what I eat everyday I can just take a photo of the cabinet and freezer here? Haha.

    Do you take sleep aid? Yeah a natural one called Valerian Root without this every other day I'm normally up at 7-9 a.m. + I take this at 3:30 am and normally fall asleep within a hour. Wake up around 11 or late noon.

    Your hair is amazing how do you get this amazing hair of yours? I use OGX shampoo and conditioner. If you want to know what line I use let me know. I use two. I felt like I typed so much I need to stop at some point LMAO. I used to use Hask white truffle my favorite shampoo but sadly that is not being stocked anymore I believe. I also don't use chemicals bomb shampoos for my hair. I wash my hair every two or three days. I was told washing your hair everyday causes damage in your hair because you need your oils. Also could be because I take a Multivitamin as well.

    Any heat tools? No. What about hair products? I just get some hair mousse like White Rain volume to use on my ends for a buck I say that works I don't use hair mousse unless I'm out and about so a dollar is perfect from DT. Have I tried any hair and skin and nail supplements? Trying Keratin as I'm taking Multivitamin which too much of biotin causes break outs so I heard so I really can't give any verdict if keratin supplement is working. I need about two weeks for results.

    For more ''Personal'' topics look here I know this is a lot to take in with this journal and three comments on my Altscene but take as long as you like I really don't care just let me know when you're finished

    Also I'm not a huge figure fan....I would not pay no more than $50 for a figure sorry....which my dream figure will never happen by the way heh....