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Bitter Sweet Memories

  • She wasn't fine in the end
    The buckets of promises he broke
    All the pain shown on her skin
    Where is she suppose to go
    Breathing in the chemicals
    Of a love she thought she had
    The toxicity taking its toll
    Maybe she's already gone mad

    The voices in her head
    Keep telling her she's better off dead
    No one will ever love her
    She'll die all alone
    But everyone knows how to hurt her
    So she cries at home

    She digs a shallow grave
    Throws in all his things
    Dousing it all in kerosene
    Setting fire to what they use to be

    Oh bitter sweet
    Bitter sweet
    Bitter sweet memories

    Drowning every memory
    Trying to forget
    In a bottle of whiskey
    She's holding it all in
    Drowning every memory
    Trying not to reminisce
    In a bottle of whiskey
    She's trying to forget

    Bitter sweet
    Bitter sweet
    Oh bitter sweet memories
    Those bitter sweet
    Bitter sweet memories