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  • "Don't be scared"
    He whispered in her ear. His hand runs up her back, soothing the shaking girl. 

    She looks up at the man, his suit covered in blood as he wipes his knife. The girl crumbles to the floor. She looks up at the man who swore forever and the creature staring back growled. In that moment he picked the girl up, leaving her in a cold dark room with only his knife. The girl cries to herself and takes the knife in her pale hands. With each cut she prays the man she loved would run back in before it was too late. 

    The girl lays against the cold floor, gripping the knife to her chest as she feels herself fade. 

    When she opens her eyes she is greeted by the man, and the creature. 

    "I'm sorry it had to end like this.."

    "But it was us or you. And you were getting boring."