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For what i remember...

  • Year 2000 where wapsites or websites are the most popular platform for socializing or dating online(from what I remember). In case you don't know what's WAP or Wapsite means here is it.

    WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) sites are also commonly referred to as mobile sites. Mobile sites are mini versions of a website that has been reconfigured so that the website layout is compatible with the smaller screens of wireless mobile devices.

    Year 2013 when i joined the wap/website called Emowire, actually there's so many platform inside the main domain website like you have many choices to enter. There is Emowire and i think there's something for the gothic, punk etc(from what i remember).
    Going back to Emowire(the old emowire not this site) i made some friends (: which I'll be forever grateful. I wish I could still remember the others. Some don't have other social media accounts aside from Emowire (you know there's no popular apps before) so when i left the site I wasn't able to contact them except the others. I still remember Merina or Marina the most popular girl on the site(for what i remember) and then Katie(always with her bongs haha) and Corinne(she's the shy one my kik buddy^^), Gavin(nicest guy i can talk often since my English is bad and some don't really like it haha) and i forgot her name the girl who looked like Mila Jovovich of Resident Evil film... Aaahhhh her most interest is skateboarding (: and i forgot the name of the guy who's hairdo is so funky and the most popular guy haha sorry i couldn't remember his name. Last but not the least Natalie the most active admin of the site haha so many powers like kicking and blocking trolls or bullies. And yeahhh the old Emowire has Admins and Moderators haha they monitor the site and users at the same time and the users concerns.

    It was such a great experience joining that site so I could still remember some memories of it lol.
    That's all. ^_^

    Please excuse my English grammar and stuff, I'm not an English speaker.