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  • Hello there! I am Austin, all around neeeeeeeeeerd. In my downtime I play Dungeons and Dragons (I am top nerd because I'm the DM), super gamer, star wars geek, and during my commutes I'd rather listen to an audio book rather than music. That does not mean I don't like music, that I can listen to at home. If I am interested in a geeky topic, I will delve myself into the lore behind it all. If that wasn't enough, I wear glasses.... sometimes... oh? that's just a stereotype? Then why am I wearing them? Oh ha, I'm blind too. Let's see, what else should I put into this thing.... AH! My birthday is May 10th, at the time I am typing this, that makes me 22, I work in retail, and I have a  German Shepard puppy named Reyka. Anything else ya wanna know, just ask! However I am afraid I have already filled your head with a ton of useless information already if you made it this far. Byebye!!!