Blogs » 7-19-21


  • morning, it's your (second) fave count! 

    today, considering i have yet to sleep, i've decided that i'll be sharing some facts about me. fun or not, you decide

    1. i was born in oregon
    2. my favorite band is fall out boy, been with 'em for 6 years of my life (tied with sleeping with sirens, same amount of time)
    3. i am essentially nocturnal
    4. i love books but think reading is a hassle
    5. my favorite movies are the crow, corpse bride, and sweeney todd! 
    6. speaking of books, my favorites are twilight (ironic, yeah?), fallen, catcher in the rye, and literally anything with vampires
    7. i love writing but have no time
    8. i am a food service worker
    9. i love the 2000s fashion, my brother grew up emo as fuck and i always wanted to be apart of it. alas, he is 4 years my senior.
    10. i love love love tank tops right now! my arms, not so much, but i really do love the freedom of wearing a nice, stretch fit tank top.

    and i do believe that will be all for now! it's currently 7:13 am central time, so i must be sleeping soon so i can get my life together as much as possible before the work week starts for me. ciao!