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The girl with the smile faces

  • This is something that randomly occurs in my mind I think it's because as a emo boy I think emo too a lot both in creativity and lifestyle. But here we go

    I imagine myself going to a house at night to a emo girls house specifically and inside it's dark besides one room at the end of the hallway, passing by all the other dark rooms on the side. After I enter the room there is a blanket I have to pass by and inside I see the emo girl staring at me.

    Arms crossed with a smile but the blanket keeps flapping in the room because of a fan so I enter and the girl is excited and no words are said as we stare for a moment she then lifts a arm out and moves out of the way as a I see a frowny face with X's for eyes drawn with black paint and the paint is still wet making lines that are streaking down from the image and a green smily face the same way.

    I'm shocked and amazed at what I see and I turn to look at the girl with a smile as she jumps in front of me with her emo dressed style. Black boots, a hoodie around her waist, ripped blue jeans and darkened white the shirt. Giving me her smile with her black hair in her eyes and the vision ends.