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December 2 my ex aunt almost had the cops called on her.

  • One of my aunts almost had the cops call on her today and this is the last time I will be doing my two weeks with her and if you're wondering about the $40 every two weeks I will explain that later in this blog.

    So this is what happened: My aunt kept saying this place is hiring, this place is hiring, this place is hiring, this place is hiring. I told her I'm waiting for my SSI and Workforce. She said something like this not 100 percent but very similar. She was like you can just go somewhere else and I said no I've to do what Tri County tells me and Workforce. I just can't go off somewhere and say f*** this sh*t because I will lose my caseworker from Tri County and lose their help because Tri County works with Workforce. Then she goes on this 10 minute saga about her ex drug head friend Cindy from 10 or more years ago or longer than that said you know what SSI did to her? She can work at a ticket booth and they didn't care one bit that she had seizures at all (basically what she is doing is using psychological warfare to tell me this whole Tri County, SSI and Workforce is worthless without using the word worthless) otherwise logically she wouldn't bring up her ex drug head Cindy about her failure of SSI. Then she keeps going on about how well her sisters went to court or something like that and they told her no she has to work at a ticket booth and I don't know I still till this day as of March of this month I still don't believe this for some weird hunch I get. I mean did the court really tell her ex drug head Cindy to go work at a ticket booth? Idk that sounds fishy and I understand this was olden times but something doesn't add up. I don't know if she is lying about this ex drug head Cindy where SSI refused to give her any kind of income or not and just told her to go work at a ticket booth because she had seizures which I forgot to say while looking at this blog for added info. I don't know because that doesn't seem right SSI or whatever was going on in court. Because I don't really/have a hard time following that SSI/court meeting did nothing for her ex friend Cindy. So then she asked me if I saw a legit psychiatrist. She questioned if my paper was legitimate because she doesn't believe I've anxiety or MDD because I go out and get my two week groceries (which now my dad is allowing me to do three) so basically she is implying I don't have those because I go out and shop. Then she tries to back out of the bus and says that sounds like you're crazy or insane. Then she kept going on about so if doctors can't call anyone underneath the spectrum borderline mentally retarded or ''special needs'' what can you call people underneath that umbrella (keep in mind guys this is for academic school and has nothing to do with your radical judgement thinking) she looked at me as if I was crazy when I told her the new medical term is I.D.D which stands for intellectual disability disorder. Then I proceeded to tell her I was also labeled adaptive behavior disorder. That's when she asked again if I got a professional diagnosis and not some counselor.

    For people wondering we're getting to the part where the cops were about to be called after this.

    So she told me now Tara, you're going to have to work with what Workforce gives you. You will have to sack groceries at Kroger or Walmart or Target. You can't just have what you want and you've to do what they tell you and you won't get what you want. I said no that's not how Workforce works. This is when I started to have a panic attack and started to erupt and an explosive temper came out. I said I told Workforce I wanted to work online then she says I've worked at an office job for 8 hours and I know you wouldn't like doing an office job and then she goes I had to organize paper or some kind of sh*t that wasn't related to a computer (again using gaslighting and psychological warfare that requesting a online is worthless) I told her that I also wanted to work at Petco or PetSmart or a Animal Shelter. She kind of made a whatever kind of sound effect with her mouth and then that's when I snapped I go f*** off! Am I not good enough for you?! All I did was try this year! That's all I've been doing is f***ing trying! Then she had the nerve to say oh is your dad really going to give you new medical paperwork and said yes! I will keep fighting! That's when I got out of the car with my cooler and grocery bag and my dad coke. So when I got out of the car and started to walk inside Dollar Tree I heard this lady in the car scream watch out! She's trying to hit you! So I looked at the corner of my eye and got out of the way. MY AUNT SHOULD'VE LOOKED AT THE REAR VIEW MIRROR! OR THE SIDE MIRRORS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. So the lady said she was a nurse in Tri County. I think she worked on the pharmacist floor because I had never seen her before. So then she walked me inside Dollar Tree and said everything will be alright honey (she was probably 40 or 50 looked like) she goes what's wrong? What happened? Your aunt was crazy! I don't know if she didn't see you or what but she almost hit you. If my aunt cared enough btw she would've looked at her damn car mirror she got f***ing three of em like all cars do! No excuse! I told her what happened and she said, ``Honey, you're disabled she doesn't know anything at all, just let it go. She knew I was having a panic attack and was trying to comfort me because I was shaking like a leaf and crying. She asked for a store manager in the store to see if she could keep an eye on me because soon the nurse had to go. The only personal thing she asked me if I'm on medication for my MDD and anxiety I said no I've been off prescribed drugs for year and a half as I was shaking what really threw me for a loop was she said she was an addict to on prescribed drugs but I could tell she had to go to work because she had her scrubs on and she had a badge on. But I did tell the nurse I take mild sedative roots. However, back on the story, the nurse left to talk to my aunt to leave while the manager said if she keeps circling around Dollar Tree I will have to call the cops because she was circling around the store for 5-10 minutes. So the nurse comes back inside and says your aunt is parked somewhere where the manager can't see her but I've to go out now to work and she told me don't go outside of the building. She goes I hope to see you at Tri County again but I didn't have the time to tell her that I'm a SSI/Workforce client and I'm not seeing a therapist etc. I also told my aunt that I'm a case number. I can't just sit there and drop everything. But back on subject. My aunt stayed in that one parking spot where nobody would see her and sat there. So my dad pulled up in Dollar Tree and said I'm here so I grabbed my things and went outside and I saw her driving towards me at the corner of my eye and I ran as fast as I could with my things and flew the door open and got out quick and my dad drove off and my aunt didn't follow she just head back home but seriously what the living Hell? 
    So what did my dad think of this: 
    My dad thought the cops were being called on me because I was crying and shaking the store and I said no the cops were called because your sister was circling around the store.
    My dad also asked if the nurse asked for any personal information. I said no. I said she asked why I'm not on medication etc.
    My dad thought the lady in the car was about to call the cops on me. I told my dad no she was yelling at me because my aunt was about to back into me and I was about to get hit and all I did was go over to that lady's car and she asked me what was going on. I saw you two arguing in the car for 30 minutes. She asked if I needed a ride somewhere safe and I said do you mind walking me to the store? I'm going to call my dad. I saw she had her work uniform on and her badge. I did pay attention to what she was wearing. So she helped me take the cooler inside Dollar Tree. (Updated this part because I used she and I meant to say he and I didn't add my dad can go with my aunt)

    My dad asked if I started the argument or her. I said no she started things first and my dad called her ready to go off on her but the conversation was under 50 seconds. She made a claim that she never said those words to me in the car and I started it and I told my dad I'm done with her psychological warfare. My dad said that I had to delete her number off my block list. I'm free to keep her off my contacts and not to text her but my dad said unblock just in case she wants to say she is sorry. My dad said she was crying on the phone when she hung up. I told my dad that I will no longer see her for two weeks after the cops were almost called. That was the straw for me. My dad said that he will give me a chore list every two weeks of what to do and I must do them to the best of my ability and he will give me $40. However, that has changed. My dad still hasn't found a job yet so I'm only getting $25 every two weeks. My dad also stated that if she texts me the next day I don't have to respond to anything. My dad said if she calls me I will handle it and tell her about what I said above this text and if she asks if the cops were about to be called my dad will tell her why and yes. So far my dad has taken my side of the story. I also told my dad she can still see my son with my dad but I'm not going. But I'm not going with her. Also I told my dad about what she told me about Workforce and so on and my dad goes. She doesn't know sh*t and that's not how Workforce works and she doesn't know f***ing sh*t. Because she doesn't. For her to tell me Workforce is going to force to work somewhere that I don't want to work is stupid nope. For f*** sakes THEY ASKED ME on my second interview where I wanted to work ideally the company didn't just type in the computer random sh*t onto my case file. She also states that nobody won't hire me without a GED which she doesn't know that f***ing either. I've done my research and people will HIRE YOU if you don't have a GED. Some jobs don't and some do. She doesn't know jack $hit and like my dad has said as well she's not a f***ing psychiatrist. I'm just baffled. She asked where the source was from my exam. Like seriously? Is anyone home in her head? Lights home? Anyone home? Then she goes well if you got approved for a caseworker at Tri County then that means you're not disabled. I go NO I WENT THERE TO SEE IF APPLIED FOR A CASEWORKER BECAUSE YOU'VE TO BE DISABLED IN THEIR EYES FOR A CASEWORKER! Because guess what? This might have been on my other blogs but if you get denied Tri County that means you're not disabled, you don't get a caseworker that can help you battle out Workforce and get assisted help in SSI. Getting turned down in Tri County means you're not disabled in their eyes. Also I have been on the Section 8 waiting list for housing income for 7 years. However just to let you guys know this one fucked up thing. I'm number 7k. I dropped from 10k through 7k within 7 years. I didn't know this until I overheard a conversation with my dad and my caseworker Erika. That's why I'm applying for SSI. I would rather try this for 3-5 years then wait till I'm 40-50 and I'm finally in a Section 8 housing income plan. I was told by my caseworker Erika they will pay up to $1000 for rent for a low income apartment. Why do I need SSI though? If you read on my blog even if I work 3-4 days part time out of a week that won't pay for my living needs or my son's needs at all, that will only pay for half. For further reasoning read my SSI blog journey. I don't have the mental strength, the mental drive, the emotional understanding drive and all that jazz to work full time. I'm already self aware SSI will have a hard time understanding this when I never tried to work full time before etc. If you're wondering on my old blog how my pigeon feet look, idc if you want to see it. But you will see why I can't physically stand for 30 minutes or longer and I need a chair of some sort to work in person part time. Yes I know people are probably going to laugh at me and think I'm privileged because I'm not wearing a foot brace/ankle compression brace/brace for my legs. The thing is I don't like the feel of the big chunky plastic ones. Yes I know there are compressed ankle socks but that won't do any good for me standing for a few hours a day at a part time job. I also know since I've a lot of disabilities I know most workplaces will overlook my interview paper and pass me on even though I know that's illegal to do. Also I'll never be interested in a GED. If I failed the English essay 4 times in high school and can't do high school math then what does that mean? Simple! A waste of my own time! Plus having PTSD flashbacks/thoughts and the learning disability I've, well I see that as 100 extremely paws pointless. My caseworker Erika's main concern right now is finding me stable transportation. Also just to let you know I exhausted every single resource for government help/funding in the state of Texas and I'm just waiting etc.

    Some things I found out about my aunt December 2 of 2021. My aunt might be bipolar and she needs to get herself checked in an evaluation more than I do. Because this behavior is just plain down right nuts. I think she needs to go to a psychiatrist exam and get checked out. The question I've in my head is why can't she say anything nice about Tri County, SSI and Workforce like my dad can? I don't understand why. I'm done with this psychological warfare and as far as I know I'm not going to change my mind about seeing her for 2 weeks etc. Nope. I can't believe the cops were about to be called like holy $hit. Also she texted me before I blocked her and my dad told me to remove her block that she wants the best for me. I really want to tell her you know what's best for me? If I don't see you every two weeks that's what I'm done. Who knows what the cops would've done if the cops did show up and the manager refused to believe my dad was on my way picking me up. My main worry right now is she is going to call my dad either today, Friday or this weekend to have a talk and make up. I really hope not. This never happened by the way. If down the road which I highly doubt that, I will simply flat out refuse to talk to her. Also if my Niece asks for me to come for her Daughter's first birthday in July and if the ex aunt is going to be there. I'm going to simply wait till she leaves and same with Thanksgiving. I know when this comes down and time to do this I'm sure my dad is going to say you got some problems. Nah I don't want to be around someone that doesn't understand me and never will.

    Also can someone tell me? How does my aunt think I can't work at an office job because she didn't like doing one? Just because she didn't like doing an office job back in olden ancient times doesn't mean I won't like an office job. She is only saying this to me because she wants me to have a grocery sacking career. Why is she so obsessed with me sacking groceries? I think what her problem is, maybe she sees Petco and PetSmart or an office job as the same thing as being a cashier at Kroger or Walmart or Target. Which again she doesn't know sh*t. Even my f***ing caseworker from Tri County Erika knows I need to be in a small building. She also told me that Kroger and Target and Walmart isn't the same work environment as PetSmart or Petco or an office job. She says the building size is the difference. So far nobody seems to understand that but her and my dad. If you read my update about SSI the same thing had to be explained to my caseworker at Workforce Lisa: why does the building size matter and my dad legit had to tell her the size difference of those stores. If you want to know what that drama fiasco was, that's in my personal blogs. But yeah guys.  I really don't have anymore to update on this blog besides my ex aunt hasn't tried to call me  or call back my dad. But why would she  call back? It's not like she  has anything to say but I'm sorry and I would be like okay thanks for saying sorry but I've nothing else to say and I've to go. I've been thinking about this for two days now. I will A no longer go to that Dollar Tree and find another one to go to and B I will not go make up with my aunt after the cops were called. If you've anything to say about my ex aunt and her behavior please do. I'm still curious/still not trying to think about my ex aunt and her behavioral problems. One of my followers explained a ''mirror'' reflect and that all makes sense to me. Basically she is mirroring her past life to cause misery/fear on myself. What I've thought about myself though is this one thing. She is just trying to make everything sound worthless as I previously stated but without using the word. But I will stop thinking about this eventually. I just can't grasp a solution to her obsession. Like all she thinks about is sacking groceries. But I just need to zen out and stop thinking about a solution because why should I? Anyways I'm done with this blog just typing on this blog editing this blog just makes me ugh and I paws touched up this blog as there were many errors on here! I thought I put this through the Gmail grammar checker and I guess I didn't! Whoops! As of Jan 26 of 20222 my ex aunt hasn't called me/texted me. Or called my dad. But I don't know why she would. She has no reason to call back at all. As of March 8th of 2022 still no response from her and I probably will never get a response from her but like I care.
    So I figured instead of my rants going in trivia facts I will put this here. Since this blog has a lot of shit going on might as well here are some few cues to piss me off.

    1. You talk very strange and weird etc. Uh then why are you still texting me if you don't like the way I text? Can you tell me the point? Also I really don't understand why people complain about something when they know they're about to get blocked. Makes no sense to me. However I can clear a few things with people here. Do I text this way to my sis, her husband or any of the family members? No, because they would think I'm insane. My family also doesn't know and will never know I go by Wolf or Wolf Mother online because then my family would think I'm a nut case by then. But that doesn't mean I can tone myself down online when chatting with others. Because then I can be myself and not have to tone myself in real life. Because really I don't think that's fair if I've to do the same thing online when I can secretly be myself without anybody in my family knowing. Another issue with people online is this. Your grammar is really bad uh well I'm sure after reading my blogs I think you can gather why. If you still can't then I guess 2+2 = 1. Which reminds me before I go onto this continuing topic. People online say they hate my attitude. Well first think first. Half of the time people can't take a joke nowadays. Like you read on my previous blog before this of the names I use as a joke. Also I'm aware that I've a sassy attitude but that's how I am. If you seriously don't like it and want to complain then why bother messaging me? So the paws cross point is this. I don't like people whining and complaining about what they dislike about me. I already have to deal with negativity in real life so having someone bitch and complain about myself is like no and goodbye. So back on the grammar some people would be like well can't you go hire someone to train you to speak proper English and grammar? I'm not interested in wasting my dad's money in that and most 100 percent that is important what point did you not get from the last readings of my blogs that I failed my English essay 4 times? I also don't hold academic information well and forget the next day. Which reminds me before I finish this. People say that your sister isn't smart if she was the teacher's pet and she was in the top 5 in all her classes. She probably got all of her grades handed to her. Uh excuse you? My sister wasn't on a 504 plan so that means she didn't have her answers taken off to help the test be easier. My sister was never held back in high school as far as I'm aware she didn't need to attend summer school or anything like that. She can do algebra and calculus with ease when most people can't. Because most people only know how to do basic math. My sister despite her M.S. She wants to work Monday - Friday and make $22 something an hour. She could be like oh no. I rather just sit on SSI  funds or SH8 with a Monday - Thursday job so I can have 3 days off to mentally collect myself and get my emotions back to normal. No she doesn't want that at ALL. Before this job she had to quit a higher pay job like $25 something an hour but she couldn't mentally cope with correcting grammar mistakes which was for medical documents for veterans. Basically she had to correct the doctor's medical grammar mistakes in the files if that makes any sense. Her husband told me in the car while doing an errand that this job made her severely depressed where it was affecting her functioning of living. So for people to say my sister isn't smart is fucking funny. Yeah she might not be  into the spiritualism as I'm but that doesn't make her dumb it's just something she isn't into which doesn't equal someone as dumb and all that stuff but she is extremely smart in academics and just because she doesn't like the interest I like in those areas. For example here is one thing. Just because my sister doesn't believe in spiritualism doesn't make my sister dumb. If you further want to fight me about this you will just be ignored for hours as I'm not dealing with that shit.

    2. How long do I take to respond to a text? 15-30 minutes if things are longer than that then that means A I'm gaming online my Switch Lite B I'm busy and C I'm asleep. However I will drop a contact if all we do is message if we only chat ever 3 days or a week because I don't see the point in anything at all after that unless you've a personal reason besides just saying ''I'm busy'' I heard that excuse many of times with no back up story but work. There are so many excuses you make about being at work. I also think that people think that they're forced to talk to me. Lol no you're not.

    3. Don't you find that a little tad strange you're asking people to match? No not really because I already had a mindset that this isn't going to be for everyone. Did you really think I came in a mindset that everyone is going to enjoy this? Uh no because that's not logical. I've chatted online with friends and a few say if all you're asking is to match phone cases, video game shirts, shampoo and conditioner now that's normal. But if you were asking to match like laundry stuff, toothpaste and cologne or perfume now that's pretty weird. Because I don't know what my best friend or boyfriend would be okay with me asking hey do you mind if we match laundry scents? Idk that just doesn't seem normal unless the best friend or boyfriend does but the phone case, video game shirts, shampoo and conditioner that seems normal to me and good enough for me as well. Which I've to 100 percent agree with because that sounds very strange. I don't think this is strange either but I prefer not to have a partner with gray hair due to the fact I look like I'm not 29. I don't know, I just don't feel comfortable with it. I also will forever dye my hair black. I will never sport gray hair. No thank you, that doesn't do me any favors with my confidence nor does it make me feel spiritual at all.

    And this is the last one.

    Are you for certain you're not allowed to go anywhere? Well I can confirm this as I was told in March sometime in 2022. Let me say things first my dad has told me countless of times that I can't order pizza for delivery at his house unless I move out and he will order pizza by picking it up only, I'm not allowed to get a taxi or Uber driver either until I move out which I told my dad that Uber drivers and taxi drivers have to have a background check plus have tracking devices in their car. He told me I don't care, you're not allowed to do this until you move out and I don't want any random stranger showing up at my house and that is another reason why I can't get groceries delivered to his house. So this confirms a lot of things with this set in stone setting. I asked my dad if he could take me to see Doctor Strange 2. He goes where it is. Is a movie theater in town playing this movie on May 6? Which right there tells me he asked if it was in town because if it wasn't my answer would've been no. I said it's in our town. He goes that's great. Are you paying for everything? Because if you're I will take you and drop you off at the movie theater. So I said yes I'm paying for the movie ticket and my popcorn and one beer. He says that's fine just when the movie is over stay in the building and doesn't go outside after you text me and wait for me to come pick you up. So now you see why I don't get any enjoyment because my dad doesn't want to hang out and do movies with me etc. This confirms his money obsession. Which makes no sense because he buys like three gifts * cheap of course for my birthday and takes me to see my sister for birthday and Christmas and HE still will take me to see my sister and her husband for my birthday this year even though gas is almost $4. So idk. But I mean I think you get the general idea about my life. So idk how much I can tell you more about my dad than you already know. I mean you should get the picture by now why I don't go out and do things often etc. I could've just said well my dad is crazy about money savings but that wouldn't tell you why or the story etc. But you guys might be wondering, have your aunts beside your ex aunt give you any cleaning money each month? No they don't and I'm sure if my dad asked I'm sure my dad probably told his sisters no. I remember one time 3-4 years ago when my clothes didn't fit, they were like sorry the most we can give you is $50 for a new wardrobe for a week, that's all we can give you. Then I was told by my other aunt the bible study one when I needed new sweaters because the ones that my dad found in the middle of last year they didn't fit as they were a XXS and XS and my bible study aunt was like I can only get you 3 plaid flannel long sleeves that's it. That's why I'm done and not going to ask for any clothes anymore. Because just in case you forgot, in my last blogs my dad took away my cleaning money when I needed new shoes and a few long sleeve shirts + my Nintendo membership. He took my whole month's allowance away from me. Once that happened. Never again will I ask for something like that ever again. So
    I also figured since my family/medical blogs are really long I will add this here. A lot of people have asked me how doctors get confused with you with ADHD VS Autism. Well let me tell you something it has taken doctors this long to figure out the main difference and that was around 2016-2017 is the peak year doctors started figuring out different cues of Autism people. So basically from elementary through high school I was just labeled ADHD because the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me and they had to diagnose me with something. But yeah I couldn't get on medicaid until I was 18 so when I was 13 I was just seeing free counselor doctors or something like that and they said I don't have ADHD and I've Autism with other disorders. But I do know for a fact that those free counselor doctors I went to were like this towards my parents. Your child is so far from ADHD.  I mean it's kind of obvious from the symptoms I shared and no shit beaver.

    But here are the signs that I was suffering as a kid. Light and sound sensory, certain fabrics bothered me, certain smells were either offensive or gave me bad headaches etc. One time I used a shampoo that gave me a headache and I had to get some hair mousse to counteract the smell so I could concentrate. I felt uncomfortable making eye contact and I didn't really want to make eye contact with people and I still don't today. I will look up at the person sometimes then look away and also apparently being repetitive in your words or making gestures to make sure your paws point across is part of Autism as well. I guess because we don't think our message is getting across. What I mean by that is our brain isn't corresponding to a message in our head that we FEEL. I also would only be focused on things that interest me which apparently in Autism people that's one of their quirks. Some other signs I had was I faintly remember as a kid I did take awhile to process a question and then answer back. I also did take a long pause then I would answer as I needed longer processing time, I had a lot of meltdowns as a kid because I was frustrated with my own lack of emotional cues/understanding of myself or not understanding people emotional cues/understanding and what I mean by that is not emotionally grasping their tone of voice what they're conveying. Which has caused a lot of temper problems and outburst which has placed me in ADHD anger management in 8th grade. I still suffer from this. If I feel or if I am overstimulated by too much sensory input, I would like to remove myself from the situation and close myself off for 30 minutes or an hour to recover. I really don't yell, scream and have fits anymore to get my paws point across that I'm mentally am not understanding what's going on with my issues about my surroundings and what I mean by that is how busy the traffic is etc, body language, tone of voice which if I don't like how I feel about the person's tone of voice or understand if they're upset or whatever I get really pissed off and get defensive quickly, how I am feeling and the other person's feelings. I know you're reading this thinking this one thing. Did the doctors really think all the symptoms were ADHD? Yei, that is correct. I think telling you this now can tell you guys why I can't deal with working in a busy/high traffic/speed grocery store. I just simply can't cope with the environment for hours at a time. Plus that is the reason why Ekira knows like I said for a broken record I already explained this before but just in case you forgot Erika my caseworker knows what best for me and that is that my  BACKGROUND/ENVIRONMENT SURROUNDINGS HIGHLY MATTER FOR ME! However, seeing so many doctors I've developed ''weird psychological quirks of being tested and observed almost like a tick and enjoyment sort of a crisis going on'' doctors don't understand this one thing. Misdiagnosing someone can cause life changing psychological damage which that's like that statement above. No shit beaver!