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Sorry Sir Bel: Don't see? Plus riddles!

  • The wolf stood in front of Bel with a banisher blade focused and not even a hesitation in sight. But the beast mask start to weep and cry underneath. I will defend this homeland if I must. Bel put his long claws in front of me blocking me from my demise while the enchanted charm I made him dangled from his wrist. Why is your resolve so strong dear child of disaster o is this your resolve? He pushed me back as I turned my beast slits pitch black getting quite pissed as always do. I titled my beast mask to the side opening the beast slits wider. So Bel what it told you if my calculation was a self sacrifice if your survival rate was the highest outcome? He shook his head at me. A ticking bomb you’re dear child. He patted my head and took the sword away from me. You see child you can never be in the forefront you can’t handle so many raining bullets “eating you alive” but what is amusing to me you suffer so much yet you care for morals? I guess in the end the bestial heart is motherly after all. But one day this will be the end. Your eyes have so much fire and desire of your ideals and your beliefs that you forget what is really underneath the beast mask so you defend yourself as things were your last. You never were to be a fighter Bel looked at me quite with a half smirk and looked at me with a piercing glare with his silver swirled eyes. Just like I thought this would be last when you jumped on my dining table ready to lunge as you thought I was being threatened. I see you’re a ticking bomb. You can’t be stirred or shaken to much. That’s alright dear one. I still think highly of you. As I never thought a beast like you could cry underneath the beast mask.

    Here are some riddles I would like for you to solve

    My heart soared in Jupiter. 

    My mind is Saturn.

    My home is Neptune.

    And one last riddle and onto my profile: 

    Where would you find me in Skyrim? Give me an answer why you picked that as your response lol.