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Invisible Vulnerable Wounds

  • We all have been hurt or wounded at some shape, form, point, and over come and healed. Some with scratches that heal. Others that are left with scars, that ppl are impressed by and ask questions to know your story and what happened. But what if you have scars on outside that don't explain the inside.
    What if you don't have visible scars emotional. I get depressed, start wearing goth, dread the world and its existence and we are looked at as the lower lifeforms bc it. We different, misunderstood, bc ppl told us that's how we should be in order to fit in....... well I DONT CARE wat society, or friends and family say. My invisible wounds on my heart and mind make me vulnerable to attacks yes, but you know what I'm f@%!*" bad ass, Bc them im stronger than you........ what's your excuse???
    Mental health is the invisible vulnerable wounds!!!!
    I frequently still struggle with my feelings and emotions of my dark pit of depression. That's y I shared this with you and yes my drawing from my book was bc it was part of my therapy. So you have a better understanding of me and there are so many ways to find your strength. Even if it's just for a few hrs to get you through the day. I suffer from suicide as well. But that for a different time and topic.

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