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roses, lies and suicide

  • so this was a poem i wrote for my class i tried this is about my first relationship with a guy who was my everything still is i havent been the same after what he did to me.

    also on my tumblr decayingbrokenhearts

    ok now the poem......


    By savannah chaney


    Were all those roses just a cover up,

    For all the lies you have told

    Who is really to blame

    Have I changed

    Or have you just stopped loving me

    There is so much pain and heart break

    You used me in your sick little game

    You never wanted me nor did you need me

    Did you even love me or have you just used me

    There are so many thought in my head

    Too many words I can’t express

    I just took it all out on myself like I was the one to blame

    Soo I took the blade in my hand

    A smile on my face

     As the tears steam down my cheeks

    The pain was too much for me

    You were my everything

     But To you I was nothing but another pawn in your game

    One cut,

    Two cuts,

    Three cuts,


    I watched as the blood hit the floor

    I cut until there was no more space

    Filmed my last good byes with tears in my eyes

    I watched the blood until I am no more

    Just an empty and lifeless body, that isn’t in any more pain