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Anxiety (Poetry)

  • Anxiety is a monster living inside of my head.

    Sometimes, it makes me wish that I was dead.

    365 days, 24/7, every single day,

    I wish it would just go away.

    It feels as if I’m being suffocated,

    Making my lungs feel deflated.

    My mind races with thoughts and screams,

    My whole brain is tearing at the seams.

    My anxiety makes me feel less than human.

    My mind is like an institution.

    Anxiety has made me lose opportunities and several chances.

    My mind likes to make advances.

    Advances on my faults and vulnerability.

    It makes me lose all sort of stability.

    The meds don’t seem to work,

    Which makes me go berserk.

    I try to convince myself that it works because I’m not having passing out episodes.

    All of this makes me want to explode.

    I wish my brain was normal like everyone else.

    Maybe I could be like ice and just melt.

    It would be a quick way to make me go away.

    Away from all the pain.