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5 Sandal Trends That Will Look Good on You

  • sandals are great. No matter the weather, they go with everything. And, they never look outdated, because they’ve been around for thousands of years. In fact, they’ve only gotten better over time, with more materials and designs to choose from. So, whether you’re in the market for a pair of flip-flops, slide sandals, or sliders, here are 5 trends in sandal fashion that will help you find the perfect style for your feet and your personality.

    1. “Sandals” are still hot — but you don’t have to spend a fortune

    Today, sandals are all the rage. Brands like Crocs, Cole Haan, and Aldo have seen incredible success selling the “flip flop” style sandal that you can wear over pretty much any outfit. Brands like Lululemon and ASOS are even getting into the game, making a variety of options available in a range of price points. So why is it, though, that while sandals are a big seller, they’re still not the most expensive? The reason for that, says Ryan, is because sandals are easier to sell than shoes. They’re light weight, flexible, and don’t require as much customization.

    1. These are the 5 Sandal Trends We Love This Fall

    While we love our sandals year-round, there’s nothing quite like that first fall when all the new fall sandal trends show up on your feet. There’s something so satisfying about finally putting the boho sandals back on after those warm summer days. It’s just so comfortable to be able to walk around without feeling a bit awkward. Here’s our latest favorite sandal trend — the sneaker trend. In a way, sneakers are the ultimate sandal. They’re super comfortable, versatile and easy to slip into.

    1. Sandal Trends: Which Are Most Popular?

    Let's take a look at some of the top sandal trends this year. According to the NPD Group, which tracks footwear and apparel purchases nationwide, last year, approximately $8 billion in sandals were sold in the United States alone. This year, the industry is expecting to see the sales of sandals to jump to $10 billion. However, it's not just about what's hot. There's also a difference between sandals that are for going to the beach, and those that are fashionable enough to wear to a dinner party, for instance.

    1. What Should You Wear With Sandals?

    In my opinion, if you're going to wear sandals in the summer, there's only one type of shoe that's appropriate. A slip-on shoe, like the ones you see below, that has a heel less than three inches high is the only choice. I don't care how many hours of sunshine you get, a high heel will keep your foot from getting wet and will also protect your toes.

    1. Why Should You Worry About How Your Feet Look In Sandals?

    Wearing sandals in wintertime isn’t always necessary—but if you’re looking to wear a pair of sandals in the wintertime, then you should be ready for the worst. Topping off your sandals is one of the best ways to prevent foot injuries while wearing them, so it’s important to put the best protection in place. From the soles to the sides, there are many different types of products available to protect your feet while wearing sandals in the wintertime.


    The more time I spend looking at women’s shoes, the more I am inspired to create new styles that are both classic and contemporary at the same time. It’s always fun to come across something new and different. My goal is to keep making trends fresh and innovative, and I’m always happy to share any design ideas with you that will inspire you to find your own signature style. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to look good on you.