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  • President Trump's CoronaVirus Response Reality

    Reading a lot of CNN Fake News here on EmoWire about the Coronavirus and president Trump. Here's the truth and Reality: 1) "He (Trump) has managed to piss away all the gains he has made with his shit response to covid-19 when it entered USA." -Thats Fake news. The truth is, President Trump took imme...
  • Wisconsin's Pride Flag Debacle & Why its Disrespectful

    Hello Everyone, Welcome to another Short and Snappy Blog!I would like everyone to read this headline from the news today:"WI Governor raises gay pride flag at state Capitol for the first time"!! Think about that. Its not a State flag or a US Flag, but a piece of PC Propaganda.First off, A Gover...
  • Friendships and Unfriendliness

    Hey everyone! Sooo... I just decided to start a blog and keep up with one, on various topics, of course, if anyone has any ideas for me or any questions they have for me, I'll be glad to answer them in a blog! (=People ask me all the time on here, how do I deal with people who don't like me, sooo......